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10 Best Urgent Care Centers in 2022

Valley Immediate Care: At the Forefront, Extending Compassionate Care
The COVID-19 pandemic put the entire healthcare ecosystem under tremendous pressure. The unprecedented advent of the virus made the healthcare space focus almost completely on preventing, treating, and curing the disease due to its lethal outcomes and highly contagious nature. This naturally resulted...

Issue Profile

Mark Schafer | CEO | MemorialCare
MemorialCare: On a Never-Ending Quest for Perfection in Healthcare 
Healthcare remains one of the core challenges of the 21st century. On the one hand, costs of healthcare...
Kirk Hjeltness, Medical Director, Northwest Specialty Hospital
Northwest Specialty Hospital: Providing Quality Urgent Care Services
Urgent care centers are among one of the services that were put in high demand during the recent pandemic....
Cheah Si Oon | Medical Director | Urgent Care Clinic International
Urgent Care Clinic International: Providing Timely Care When You Need it Most
After a day’s hard work in Singapore, you return to the tranquillity of your home. But in the dead of...