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10 Best Wellness Service Providers in 2021

WebMD Health Services: Empowering Individuals to Attain Comprehensive Wellness
From hitting the gym, having collaboration meetings, and attending conferences, to having to do all these things at home, the very structures of our daily lives have changed. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled us to rethink our priorities regarding personal health and well-being. Evidently,...

Issue Profile

Jo Masterson CEO 2Morrow
2Morrow: A Pioneer in Evidence-Based Digital Health
The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world off path. But it took us a few steps closer to digitalization....
Peter Barbour Founder & CEO of Cyno.
Cyno: Abridging the Need for Comprehensive Wellness Services
The Covid19 pandemic sent the whole world into a prolonged shutdown. Everything and everyone came to...
Pamela Dempster Owner & Certified Professional Ergonomist Dempster Wellness.
Dempster Wellness: Advocating the Necessity of Corporate Wellness Programs
Leading Wellness companies put in dedicated efforts in ensuring that the organizations they work with...
Romy Antoine CEO One Stop Wellness.
One Stop Wellness: A Platform that Empowers Your Employees’ Health and Wellness
The Covid-19 pandemic has compelled people to be emphasize more on staying physically and mentally fit....
Tarin Calmeyer of Remote Team Wellness.
Remote Team Wellness: A Proponent of Comprehensive Wellbeing in Virtual Corporate Spaces
The COVID-19 pandemic posed the biggest challenge to businesses all over the world. Most companies had...


Pierre-Charles Parsy
How is tech driving the pet industry?
– By Pierre-Charles Parsy, Chief Brand, Consumer & Digital Officer Let’s start with a fact:...