10 Most Admirable Women Leaders in Biotech for 2021

Dr. Cornelia Haag-Molkenteller: Letting Innovation Lead the Way
For professionals and leaders within the healthcare and associated sectors, the term ‘changing lives’ elicits a profound emotion. Every day their passion and commitment is channeled into finding solutions for patients’ needs. Through the 10 Most Admirable Women Leaders in Biotech for 2021, the team at...

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Natalie Bartlett | Chief of Staff | ZAGENO
Natalie Bartlett: Chauffeur of Modern Change in the Biotech Industry  
Pharma R&D is one of the most booming industries that always supported the world even when the pandemic...
Elin Haf Davies, CEO of Aparito
Dr Elin Haf Davies: Transforming the Healthcare Space Through Decentralised Clinical Trials
People living in remote areas are less likely to get medical treatment timely. They have physical limitations...
Lyndsey Harper, MD at Rosy Wellness
Lyndsey Harper, MD: Changing the Landscapes of Women’s Health and Sexual Wellness
The stigma around female sexuality and wellness has long been persistent in society. It is omnipresent...


Education after the Pandemic
Education after the Pandemic: Things Educators Must Consider
It was April 7th, 2020, when I remember my Physics Professor emailing students not to come to class for...