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10 Most Innovative Regenerative Medicine Companies in 2022

TeVido BioDevices: Recuperating Lost Skin Pigmentation Through Advanced Cellular Therapy
Regenerative medicine—the field of medicine that repairs or replaces damaged tissues or organs—is among the most cutting-edge sectors of medical innovation today. Using a patient’s own skin is one of the most common forms of regenerative medicine. TeVido BioDevices is one of the prominent names among...

Issue Profile

Lance Alstodt | Chairman & CEO | BioRestorative Therapies
BioRestorative Therapies: Ushering in An Era of Innovation in Regenerative Medicine
Stem cell technology has been a prominent topic since its introduction. In recent years, the advancement...
Marco Dieci | CEO | Holostem Terapie Avanzate
Holostem Terapie Avanzate: Leading the Revolution in the Regenerative Medicine Space
Humans realized the capabilities and effects of medicinal intervention long before the term ‘Regenerative...
Lee Buckler | CEO | RepliCel Life Sciences
RepliCel Life Sciences, Inc.: Refining Human Body through Regenerative Medicines
Plants are given the special abilities to regrow their organs. Some animals, such as lizards, can regrow...