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10 Most Reliable CROs to Watch in 2021

Clinmark: Clinical Research Excellence Built on the Foundations of Quality
For pharmaceutical companies to thrive in a competitive marketplace, it is crucial to have a strong understanding of the customers’ demands. Recently, there has been an increased emphasis on Contract Research Organizations (CRO) as they are seen as vital partners in achieving significant results for...

Issue Profile

Enrico Perfler of 1MED
1MED: Transforming the CRO Services with Diligence
Not more than a decade ago, Contract Research Organisations were known only for conducting clinical trials...
Chris O’Brien of Biorasi
Biorasi: Enabling Faster Clinical Trials for Life Sciences Companies
Clinical trials have a huge significance in the healthcare sector as it enables researchers and pharmaceutical...
Ibrahim Farr of Pivotal
Pivotal: An Inventive Approach of Designing and Performing Clinical Trials
Contract research organizations are emerging as important partners for pharmaceutical and biotechnology...
Patricio Ledesma of Sofpromed
Sofpromed: Regulating Essential Clinical Trials and Observational Studies
The recent pandemic made the whole world realize the significance of clinical research. The CRO industry...