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5 Benefits of Independent Living Communities for Seniors

Independent Living Communities for Seniors

With nearly 50 million seniors living in the U.S., it’s not surprising that many families are looking for safe and comfortable housing options for their senior parents. Most seniors claim that they would prefer to age in their own homes. For some, safety is an issue that cannot be ignored.

Over the past two decades, the retirement home industry has undergone an important shift. There are more living options available for seniors today than ever before. Independent living communities are sprouting up in every city to offer a comfortable living option for seniors.

Independent living at facilities like Riverview Retirement Community gives seniors the benefits of independence and social interaction without the feeling of residing in a retirement home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of independent living for seniors.

 Senior Friendly Environment

While your senior parent’s family home may be comfortable, it isn’t necessarily safe enough to accommodate them. To properly outfit a home for senior safety can be expensive, especially if the house has multiple stairs. Independent senior living communities are designed with  senior safety in mind. All private living quarters and apartments come equipped with the technology that will keep the residents safe. The general grounds are also designed to be accessible to all seniors.

Social Interaction

Millions of seniors deal with loneliness and depression. Independent living communities are filled with like-minded seniors who can enjoy many friends’ company. Most communities have daily, weekly, or holiday events that seniors can participate in when they choose. Being able to connect with other seniors can help to alleviate loneliness and depression issues in many seniors.

Security and Safety

Independent living communities offer seniors a safe and secure home with 24/7 systems to ensure their security. Emergency services are located onsite to ensure rapid response times to accommodate every senior’s needs. All maintenance duties are dealt with by in-house staff to keep residents free from having to put themselves at risk. Anytime a resident needs help, there is staff available to assist. The property itself is often patrolled by security personnel, so there is no need to worry about home invasions.

More Free Time

When seniors move from their family homes to an independent living community, they become free of many of the time-consuming chores of owning a home. Cleaning is often done by onsite staff, landscaping crews do all outside maintenance chores, and the decorating staff deals with any repairs or renovations. Seniors can spend their free time exploring hobbies and interests that they never had time for in their own homes.


Each resident living in an independent living community is given the level of support that they need without infringing on their privacy and self-respect. Seniors are evaluated to determine their needed level of care, and their accommodations are arranged accordingly. Many seniors live privately in self-contained apartments where they can be independent but still enjoy the benefits of community living.

If you feel that safety has become an issue for your senior parent living alone, you may want to consider these benefits of independent community living for seniors.



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