7 Tricks to Help You Go to Sleep Fast

Sleep Fast

Tricks to Help You Go to Sleep Fast

Everyone experiences sleep differently. While some drift off and sleep, others turn and toss in bed in search of it. It may be they are insomniacs, or they cannot get to fall asleep with ease. Visiting a sleep expert will help, but not for medication all the time but other ways you can sleep easily. However, before this, check UK reviews of Emma mattress to ensure you have the right one that does not affect your back, is firm and comfortable. Other than getting your beddings right, below are some tricks people find weird but help with deep and restful sleep.

1. Rub some soothing oil

Oil rubbing is an ancient treatment to help with insomnia. You can start by oiling the top of your head, your feet, and the back of your ears before you sleep. Coconut oil, due to its cooling potency, is best during summer, and sesame oil is ideal for spring and winter. After oiling, have a warm shower, using a non-drying soap. Once you get in bed, you will be sleeping in no time.

2. Cuddle with a weighted blanket

Swaddling a baby in a blanket helps mimic the comfort and the security of the womb, thus helping them fall asleep. The same principle can apply to adults. A combination of a snuggly blanket and a calming sleeping space is sleep-inducing. But, if you suffer from occasional sleepless nights, studies show a weighted blanket may be of help. Read online positive reviews of the weighted blanket and give it a try.

3. Try autogenic training

The autogenic training needs some practice, and once you are proficient at it, it pays off. Plus, it works best for both insomnia patients and other stress-related issues you may be facing. The training is about self-relaxation through self-hypnosis coupled with progressive muscle relaxation. It helps you feel heaviness and warmth throughout your body resulting in a deep state of mental peace and physical relaxation. To try it, consult with a qualified hypnotist.

4. Drink a warm mug of spiced milk

Before you sleep, drink a warm mug of spiced milk. Spiced warm milk is the new version. Make yours with nutmeg as it helps with sleeping disorders such as insomnia. And it is a natural sedative. Drink these three hours after your last meal. Add organic sugar if you want it sweeter and allow it to cool before drinking it. Also, it acts as a good bedtime snack.

5. Try sleep restriction therapy 

Restricting sleep is about setting a sleep cycle. It is a behavioral treatment that limits your time in bed to the actual time of sleeping. Although less time in bed can lead to mild sleep deprivation, it helps promote early sleep onset. Early sleep onset decreases insomnia and gives you the confidence to regain natural sleep. To try the therapy, keep a sleep journal for two weeks. Record the time you sleep plus 30 minutes. In the two weeks, limit your time in bed to average sleep time by using a fixed bedtime and wake time. If it goes well and you feel good, the schedule can stay in place. It takes time to see results, so be patient.

6. Drink some banana tea

Magnesium helps to promote relaxation, among other many bodily functions. Bananas have a lot of magnesium, but the peel is where it is for sleep. To make the banana tea, use an organic banana, wash it, cut off tips and cut it in half, leaving the skin intact. Boil it for around four minutes and drink the water with some honey. Honey is vital as it helps regulate blood sugar through the night.

7. Try the 4-7-8 breathing technique 

Another trick if you are looking for ways to sleep fast is the 4-7-8 breathing method. It only has three steps. First, breathe for four seconds deeply through your nose. Then, hold your breath for seven seconds. And slowly exhale through the mouth for eights. Repeat the procedure four times. It works as the technique allows your lungs to be full of air. As a result, more oxygen circulates throughout the body, promoting relaxation. To benefit from this, practice it twice a day.



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