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A Healthcare-Focused AI-Powered Automation Platform Emerges from Stealth Mode with $3 Million in Backing


Keragon, an AI-powered HIPAA-compliant automation platform for healthcare, has officially launched out of stealth mode. It is the first no-code workflow automation platform specifically designed for the US healthcare industry. Currently, it is utilized by practices, clinics, fast-growing digital health startups, hospitals, and NASDAQ-listed companies across all 50 states.

The platform enables the seamless connection of various popular software used by healthcare practitioners, including EHRs, healthcare CRMs, AI medical scribes, appointment scheduling and billing software. It features built-in personalized AI assistants that facilitate faster automation with minimal hassle. Keragon empowers professionals without technical backgrounds to create robust automations that can significantly reduce operational costs, enhance clinical efficiency and ultimately improve patient care and reduce physician burnout. With over 100 pre-built healthcare integrations, multiple data transformation helpers, and advanced error debugging capabilities, it is poised to accelerate healthcare’s digital transformation.

Typical use cases include bridging the gap between clinical and marketing teams through two-way synchronization between EHR and marketing tools, reducing cognitive workload by triaging real-time appointment bookings and notifying relevant stakeholders via preferred communication tools and facilitating patient data interoperability between disparate healthcare software systems.

Keragon is committed to improving healthcare operational efficiency while promoting the use of security best practices for all software vendors handling sensitive patient data. It has been certified as SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliant by external auditors and enforces a strict zero data retention policy, ensuring all customer workflow data is deleted after seven days.

The pre-seed funding round was co-led by Focal and Afore, with participation from 25madison—Lifepoint Health. Notably, Focal had previously backed a startup venture by Keragon’s founders, which was later acquired for $20 million USD.

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