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Adalvo | Anil Okay
Adalvo | Anil Okay

In the world of bees, no one can function in a singular form. Even though all of them work independently, their end goal is shared. A bee colony is such perfectly organized social structure that even if they work individually, their tasks are accurately synchronized with each other.

That’s one of the greatest lessons the most intelligent species should learn from bees, the most harmonious and efficient colonies where teamwork reigns.

And mirroring the perfect social behavior of bees, Adalvo, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe, believes in tireless teamwork and devotes its work to the benefits of the greater good.

As a successful Bee-2-Bee business, the company is making a difference for patients around the world, driven by its smart collaboration network and commitment to delivering the highest quality differentiated products and services to its partners. Adalvo has established itself as a reliable global partner with commercial partnerships in more than 100 countries and with over 110 commercial partners globally.

Leading the colony and carrying out the task of serving the top-tier global partners within the industry is Adalvo’s CEOAnil Okay. With 17 years of work experience, he set up Adalvo in 2018 from scratch and has been the company’s driver of impressive and fast growth. Anil shares, Adalvo’s promise is always being on Target, and this reflects our deep-rooted commitment to the supreme quality of our products and service for the partners in over 100 countries worldwide.”

To learn more about how the company is catering to its commitment to deliver high-quality products, kindly delve into Adalvo’s story and learn the amusing art of pharmaceutical revolution!

Setting up the Nectar

Adalvo’s declared purpose is to make a difference for patients around the world, driven by its smart collaboration network and commitment to deliver the highest quality differentiated products and services to its partners. “We are hardworking bees,” shares Anil.

The Shared Goal

The mission of bringing high-quality generics to the market is being successfully implemented through Adalvo’s comprehensive strategy fundamentals, which were identified at the beginning of the Adalvo journey and are strong today. It focuses on what really matters, and based on a five-pillar strategy.

Adalvo’s Five Pillar Strategy

Partner focus: – Our partners are the center of everything we do. Our partners are the world’s leading pharma companies.

Portfolio: – We have a 5-pillar portfolio strategy that is unique among our peers.

R&D: – We have invested in a powerful R&D engine combining internal and external capabilities.

Business Model: – We have implemented a business model that is scalable and downside risk-mitigated.

Culture: – We are a fast-paced, agile and execution-driven team.

Unifying for a Greater Business

Adalvo, it knows that its partners like to be bigger, better, and smarter in the dynamic pharmaceutical sector. That’s why Adalvo’s approach is unique, customized, and challenges the status quo that helps its partners achieve their business goals.

“We pride ourselves on helping our partners reach their goals – whether that’s increasing revenues, pushing into new markets – we always play for the high score and to be on target for the partners we serve,” asserts Anil.

Adalvo is contributing to shaping the future of human health by bringing an array of products to the market at a much more affordable price level to patients worldwide hence ensuring much wider access to medicines worldwide.

Pollinating Around the Globe

Adalvo has become a partner of choice, and it is proud of all its achievements to date. “Industry peers have recognized us with a number of awards, but above all, we are proud of our tangible achievements and results, all of which contribute towards our declared mission and purpose,” shares Anil. Only in few years:

  • over 500 deals made
  • over USD 1.3bn in cumulative license fees secured
  • over USD 10bn in supply revenue secured
  • double Digit Million USD EBITDA delivered, Adalvo revenue reached three digit Million USD in 4 years
  • over 100 countries around the globe covered
  • over 110 companies partnered
  • over 3000 MAs submitted
  • over 1300 MAs granted
  • over 50 countries with new product launches
  • over 100 tailor-made products are available

“Key is to bring the people around a shared purpose which we believe is key to Adalvo’s success, whenever this is done, rest is really coming with strong execution, keeping the culture on track and creating a business model that is not driven by the market dynamics but rather shape its own market by being smarter than the market dynamics. We achieved this by creating This I believe makes Adalvo a unique company today.”

Carving Out the Market through its HIVE!

Bringing novelty is part of the everyday medical community. Each year, there are more than 100 new drug approvals by the US and EU agencies. While these novelties typically bring high medical value to patients, they also come with a significant financial burden for healthcare providers, payers, and insurance companies. Therefore, it is always a utility-cost calculation game for new pharma solutions on how big a share they can carve out from the market.

Adalvo’s mission is to bring such products at a much more affordable level to patients worldwide hence ensuring much wider access to medicines worldwide.

Save the Bees and Plant Trees

“As a global pharmaceutical company, we strive to make this world a better place and have a sustainable impact in the communities where we live and work,” adds Anil.

Most of the ESG strategy is founded on Adalvo’s mission to enhance people’s lives through a whole spectrum of initiatives, which its team around the world have been getting involved in.

Adalvo have implemented a number of initiatives to help with sustainability issues within 2022, below are some examples stated by Anil-

  • A Tree for Every Deal – Adalvo has committed to planting a tree for every deal that we make. We want to take an active role in contributing to environmentally friendly practices in the hope of restoring the world we live in.
  • Helping our Bees – Adalvo worked on a Beehive project to adapt the bee population and produce Adalvo Honey for partners. In addition to this, Adalvo teamed up with Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. Adalvo has made a donation for a tree in the name of each of our team.
  • Humanitarian Aid – Adalvo underwent several initiatives to support individuals affected by the situation in Ukraine (job opportunities, fundraising campaigns, access to medications).

“We also ensure that we provide social support to our employees through an array of different mechanisms, such as team building, motivational and coaching activities. One particularly noteworthy platform in our wellness program is where everyone within the team has direct access to expert guidance and specialist support on any kind of issue. On simple, everyday matters to more serious wellbeing problems relating to issues such as illness, debt, family problems, and health,” asserted Anil.

Some Sweet Advice

When addressing the budding entrepreneur, Anil advises, “Finding a Blue Ocean strategy is critical but even more critical to surround yourselves with people who are better than you and able to execute as per the strategy.”

The team has been scaling its business even ahead of its growth as they wanted to be well prepared with the resources when it is needed. With this mentality, the company has already onboarded over 100 people in less than three years, just to be ready for its exponential growth in 2022/2023.

Also, Adalvo scaled its portfolio, and today it offers over 100 high-quality, affordable medicines to its partners in over 100 countries worldwide.

“We are very committed to our journey to being a leader in the B2B Pharma sector in Europe by 2023,” concludes Anil.

Testimonials that Follow

“We are proud to have achieved a number of prestigious industry awards in the past year. Recognition from our industry peers truly exemplifies our team’s hard work and commitment to our mission to deliver results to our partners,” shares Anil.

Primarily, Adalvo takes great pride having been certified as one of the Best places to work for 2021. It credits the achievement to employees’ commitment to excellence, and shared values.

The company is humbled and honored to have been recognized by Global Health and Pharma Magazine’s 2022 Global Excellence Awards and has been awarded the title of Most Innovative B2B Pharmaceutical Company, 2022 – Europe. The program has been designed to celebrate industrious, hardworking, and innovative professionals from across the globe. It also recognizes the key players who have maintained leadership in Medical, Health & Pharma industries in what has been the most challenging past 2 years.

Last year, Adalvo was also recognized by CPhI Pharma as the winner of the award: Excellence in Pharma: Sustainability. The CPhI Pharma Awards celebrate the thinkers and creators driving the industry forward through their innovations, technologies and strategies. Adalvo has always been keen on giving something back to the communities in which it operates, and beyond. The company’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs correlate with its mission to enhance people’s lives, which it is doing through a whole spectrum of different initiatives.

CEO, Anil Okay has been awarded the leader of the Year Award 2021, by the Global Generics & Biosimilar Awards committee. The judging panel observed that “Anil has done an impressive job of turning a sideline function of Alvogen into a proper business that is growing rapidly and challenging established entities in the marketplace,” adding that the entry had demonstrated “clear, well-argued and broad objectives with equally clear evidence of delivery.”

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