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Aetonix Systems: Offering Comprehensive and Seamless Telehealth Services

Aetonix Systems Offering Comprehensive & Seamless Telehealth Services
Michel Paquet, Founder and CEO, Aetonix Systems

Humans are an ingenious species and since the day we came into existence, we have been either inventing or discovering new things.  Starting from bashing a rock to make a tool, to artificial intelligence, everything we invent or innovate is for our advancement and that stands out as revolutionary findings.

However, the key point to be noted here is that the intention within our persistent nature to innovate or invent something, is to experience and offer superior comfort and seamless solutions. Starting from companies, industrialists, scientists, and small vendors who continuously strive to innovate or invent something new, all serve the same purpose.

Adhering to the same thought, our paths—in the quest to find Canada’s 10 Most Prominent Telehealth Solution Providers in 2020—crossed with Michel Paquet, the Founder and CEO of Aetonix Systems. After keenly observing the healthcare industry, Michel realized that there was a gap between the patients and healthcare professionals. As a result, patients were not able to receive the right prognosis or treatment. It was to address this issue that Michel started Aetonix Systems.

Before we dig deeper into the science behind this invention, let us delve into the story of Aetonix Systems’ initiation. This story will shed some light on the ‘why’ of Aetonix Systems.

When Michel’s 83-year-old aunt was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, she found it difficult to let family and healthcare professionals know what she needed, leading to problems with her care, and feelings of isolation.

Michel was concerned and realized his aunt wasn’t the only person with these common problems that arise with aging; Alzheimer’s and dementia, and other types of healthcare issues. So he founded Aetonix, to simplify care for those who needed it most – patients with complex needs.

Today, Aetonix has developed state-of-the-art use cases for other complex care like COPD, Diabetes, heart failure, hip/knee surgeries, cancer, and COVID-19 in recent times.

The below conversation with Michel helped us understand how Aetonix offers premium-quality and patient-centric care to all those in need.

Kindly brief our readers about about the company.

Michel: Aetonix began its journey in 2014 with the aim of simplifying care for patients with complex needs, covering both chronic and acute care. Usually, such patients suffer from a healthcare system that is very fragmented. They cycle through the system without anyone ever establishing a complete 360-degree picture of their care plan. Aetonix, via its platform aTouchAway, forms a Circle of Care around patients, so they can be coached and guided according to customized care pathways set for them by healthcare organizations. We are a full-service remote patient monitoring company.

What are the distinct products and services provided by Aetonix , setting it apart from its competitors?

Michel: One should know that almost all reputable remote patient monitoring companies offer telehealth, which is virtual two-way calling, and remote patient monitoring that involves remotely transmitting a patient’s vital signs to their care teams. Aetonix goes beyond that and uses clinical forms, educational resources, reminders and a host of other features to build customized workflows for patients. We enable organizations to guide and coach their patients by forming of the circle of care around them that consists of physicians, nurses, specialists and even family members.

What are the key attributes that helped  Aetonix to overcome  challenges?

Michel: We have tremendous partners who help and counsel us to do better. We are housed in Invest Ottawa, whose mentorship program has been very valuable. Our advisory board is totally committed to our vision and helps us set our direction in healthcare, while our commercial partners help with channel market introduction. Our employees have great camaraderie amongst each other with an all for one, and one for all attitudes.

What is the current scenario of the Telehealth Solutions Providers Segment, from your point of view?

Michel: There is a lot of consolidation happening. More traditional telehealth firms are acquiring each other, remote patient monitoring firms are being acquired by insurance companies, and remote care vendors are partnering with each other where one is more specialized in hardware and logistics, and the other in software. It is hard to say what the future folds, but in general, the market is getting warmer for remote care adoption amongst healthcare facilities.

What are the benefits gained by your clients and what strategies do you embrace to keep them engaged?

Michel: Our clients are able to manage their patients remotely. When we say manage, we really mean manage each and every aspect of healthcare, so patients receive one continuous episode of care thanks to the collaboration of all healthcare professionals using our platform to administer the care plan. We collaborate on workflows for patients if needed so the patient receives optimum care. Since we enable them to develop their care pathway as a part of our platform aTouchAway, it is a nonstop collaboration activity in order to get the workflow to match different scenarios that may be the need of the hour.

What would be your advice for the budding startups and entrepreneurs in the industry?

Michel: First and foremost, they should just do it. That is, start an organization. The best way to learn is by doing and learning from all the experiences on a daily basis. Healthcare is a very competitive field, so they shouldn’t be afraid to get their hands dirty in the process. They should also surround themselves with partners with healthcare expertise that will help them understand the healthcare environment.

Briefly tell us about the company’s future perspectives. 

Michel: We are looking to grow as a company and expand to other markets outside of Canada. We have deployed in the USA and UK and are looking to deploy to other continents as well such as Asia and South America. Globalization has meant that organizations want the best remote patient monitoring solution that fits their needs, regardless of where the headquarters are.



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