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AMA alarmed by the exponential increase in prescribing ivermectin to cure COVID-19


AMA (American Medical Association)

The American Medical Association calls (AMA) calls for an ‘urgent end’ to the usage of ivermectin to cure COVID-19. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted the usage of ivermectin for humans to cure infections sourced from internal and external parasites and not for coronavirus. Reports of the rampant increase in prescribing and distributing of the drug in the past few months have alarmed the AMA.

Reports from a recent study highlighted that the distribution of ivermectin from outpatient pharmacies in the US increased up to 39,000 prescriptions in a week from 3,600 prescriptions per week in the pre-pandemic time. Calls to poison centers due to ivermectin ingestion have shot up to five-fold from their pre-pandemic threshold.

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