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Balancing Health and Fitness at Workplace

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The modern corporate life is very challenging and hectic. Due to the highly competitive business environment, employees have to give their 100% at work, at times even more than that. They have to deal with a variety of issues at the same time in the office including client meetings, deadlines, weekly and monthly goals, and so on. As a result, most of their time is spent either in the office premises or in front of laptops or computers. Employees get very little time because of which indulging in healthy activities like exercise, going to the gym, or other similar institutions often becomes difficult.

Maintaining a Healthy Routine is the Biggest Challenge

These days, employees get very little time to engage in healthy activities. They spend almost 9-10 hours in office. After this hectic office routine, employees find it lazy to go to gym or attend dance or yoga classes. Moreover, many also engage into unhealthy snacking considering it as a stress buster. Also, stress of office work prevents them from enjoying quality time with friends and family.

For many, the prime challenge is not only to meet the deadlines, deal with client demands, and upcoming performance reviews. In fact, for them, maintaining a healthy diet and accomplishing their fitness goals amidst team lunches, short snack breaks, month-end, and birthday celebrations with cakes and fried food is also a big pressure. Being a part of the office fun is essential for building a team atmosphere. But, it creates hindrances for one to accomplish their fitness goals.

Setting Desired Objectives

In order to remain healthy and fit, individuals can set certain goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. They can create a specified framework which can be followed for better health-oriented results. For example, an individual can set a certain time limit within which they intend to shed/gain weight. Following small routine activities like reducing sugar intake or a short walk after lunch can be very helpful.

Steps to Accomplish Health Goals

Maintaining a healthy routine isn’t very difficult and can work wonders if followed properly. Individuals can follow the below mentioned steps to meet their health objectives.

Constant Reminder

Individuals should always remind themselves of why they started following a healthy regimen. People should understand the importance of the goal. Subtle reminders at workplace will help them to stay focused. For extra attention, people can put a sticky note on their desk or on their computer screens. These reminders will help them in controlling their cravings for a pastry or a take-out.

Teaming up with a Partner

When it comes to maintaining a healthy routine, looking for like-minded people and working with them can be helpful. Finding a colleague with similar goals can help fend off unhealthy temptations. A partner focused on being fit and healthy will always remind you of your wellness goals whenever you divert from your healthy eating ways. Reminding each other of taking healthy food is also a good step.

Tracking Progress

An individual should always be aware of what they are eating. They should keep a daily record of their food intake. Recording weight, measurement, and energy levels every week can also be helpful. Occasionally, treating oneself can help in managing temptations. If one keeps a track of how many calories they have consumed, it will be helpful for them to indulge into snacking if they ever feel to do so.

Proper Planning

Sometimes, employees may have to go for multiple dinners in a week and during celebrations and business. During such times it may become difficult to overcome temptations. To deal with this, one can plan for what they might indulge in and prepare accordingly.  They can pack healthy foods in case they have to travel for business purpose. Occasionally, a small piece of dark chocolate can be consumed to overcome sweet cravings.

Act as a Leader

Sometimes it may so happen that there are many people who are trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. An individual can act as a leader by offering their colleagues a healthy alternative to junk food like pizza or fried noodles. One can even suggest starting a wellness community at office that gives employees the opportunity to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle at office. A person can set an example among their colleagues and motivate them to lead a healthy life.

In a lifetime, an individual spends a significant portion of time at work. They don’t want to miss out on the socializing and fun activities associated with their work. It is true that every temptation at work cannot be overcome. But, with proper planning, awareness, dedication, and accountability, one can enjoy their life at office and achieve their health goals as well.

– By Ananda Kamal Das



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