Beyond Scale FZC: Taking a Lead Towards Mindful Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

Saumya Mishra | Nutritionist |Beyond Scale FZC
Saumya Mishra | Nutritionist

Why is it that we’re tempted to grab a burger after a long day at work when a homemade meal could be a healthier and better option? Why do we use the morning hours to scroll through our screens when a physical workout may refresh us better? Street food increases the tendency to develop ill health, and so does spending too much time on mobile could lead to psychological and emotional issues such as depression, loneliness, social anxiety, impulsivity, and distraction.

There is a disconnection between knowing things that are healthy for us, and actually doing them. While some people may be less aware of the repercussions of their unhealthy lifestyle choices, most of us simply aren’t motivated enough or are unwilling to make good-health practices a priority.

Realizing the individual’s call for help, Beyond Scale FZC is an evidence-backed lifestyle consultancy that is better equipped to support people in their health journey. The consultancy is equipped with advanced resources and a team of experts who address key areas in healthcare such as: –

  • Paediatric Nutrition,
  • Weight Management,
  • Reducing Drug Dependency,
  • Women’s Health & Wellness, and
  • Family Nutrition.

Saumya Mishra is a Licensed Nutritionist with more than a decade of experience, who believes in treating the cause of unhealthy lifestyle choices, rather than the symptoms. Being the Owner and Director of Beyond Scale FZC, she is set on a mission to empower, enable and educate the clients through 24/7 client support, customised meal plans, set dietary restrictions and weight management to name a few.

Let’s learn about Beyond Scale’s evidence-based secret behind leading a healthy lifestyle pathway.

Beyond Scale—in Brief

Beyond Scale is an evidence-based and result-oriented lifestyle consultancy. It is on a mission to empower, enable and educate individuals through empanelled health and professional diet, fitness and healthy lifestyle planning. At Beyond Scale, its team of experts don’t just hear but listen to their clients.

The consultancy’s approach to health, fitness and nutrition is backed by science and driven by expertise and professionalism. At present, they are in the process of developing an advanced online platform for its global clients, based on the following objectives:

  • Aspiring to have State-of-the-art nutrition clinics in different cities.
  • Conducting cutting-edge nutrition workshops, modules & seminars for corporates, schools & colleges.
  • Educational nutrition workshops for underprivileged women.
  • Collaborating with healthcare, fitness, and wellness experts.

Beyond Scale aspires to build a cohesive, supportive and thriving community of individuals who are ready to make health and fitness a priority.

Saumya Mishra, who is a licensed Nutritionist and the Owner & Director of Beyond Scale has been working as a licensed nutritionist in UAE since 2006. But around 2015 she started feeling that there is so much more that she can do to help people through nutrition & lifestyle changes. But her job provided her with a limited scope of work. It was then that she thought of starting a Facebook page and sharing relevant evidence-based information relevant to gut health, nutritional supplements, weight management and women’s health.

Gradually she began asking her clients to review her on the page. This way, it started growing organically. This is when she began to understand that nutrition & lifestyle changes can help to relieve symptoms and reduce drug dependency. During the last three years of the pandemic, people have grown more open to the idea of online consultation for which the consultancy has performed well with its clients across the globe. This was when Saumya decided to take her page and website to another level.

Saumya adds, “The problem is that this niche is cluttered with people having half-baked knowledge & influencers. That is why we at Beyond Scale want to be known for our evidence-based scientific approach which gives definite outcomes in improving health and habit, not just weight loss.”

Values and Mission Aligned with Individual Health

Beyond Scale uses an evidence-based scientific approach towards giving health solutions to our clientele.

The consultancy’s mission is to make nutrition simple yet effective, advising on the best food to eat and providing an all-round support to everyone. The vision is to have a state of art nutrition clinics in different cities of Lucknow and Dubai. It aims to be known for its cutting-edge school nutrition program and corporate wellness workshops.

Core Products and Services Dedicated to Healthy Lifestyle

To summarize, Beyond Scale’s core services depict its value of supporting the clients on their journey to making healthier choices and overcoming any obstacle that keeps them from making the change. Some of these services involve:

  • Online consultation for Diabetes management & weight management.
  • Online/onsite program for improving gut health, and women’s health-related issues such as PCOS and (The consultancy is known to help women reduce their drug dependency).
  • Its cutting-edge school nutrition programs are a big hit among students &
  • Best use of technology to do it through fun games and quizzes, both online and onsit

Technological Solutions to Support Lifestyle Changes

The consultancy has developed online tools to improve:

  • Basic lifestyle habits like water intake tracking.
  • Personalised tools to gauge individual health behaviour & track the progress once they are on the program.
  • Video counselling from the comfort of their home & at their chosen time.
  • Using online quizzes & games to communicate better with our clients & make it interesting for them.

These technological solutions are often useful when overcoming certain challenges within the business. For instance, not everyone is open to the idea of home-based service which can be equally effective when compared to institutional care provided it is planned carefully. Secondly, communicating isn’t as effective as it is supposed to be. But thanks to the technology that manages to enable smooth communication between the service providers and the client.

Words of Wisdom

To the budding entrepreneurs and nutritions who aspire to venture into this competitive industry, Saumya advises—“I would recommend everyone to do a proper internship and work for a couple of years at least before venturing out as an entrepreneur. Hands-on practical experience is a massive learning curve. Also, study and keep updating yourself with the latest in the field of health & nutrition.”

Beyond Scale’s Future Operations

For the coming years, the consultancy has aligned its operations as per its following plans:

  • To collaborate with brands of similar interest.
  • Reach out to more schools for our school nutrition programs.
  • Reach out to corporates for Body composition Analysis workshops
  • To work on increasing our NRI client base in different parts of the world to scale up the operations.

Get to Know Saumya, the Director and Owner of Beyond Scale

Saumya Mishra, born and brought up in India, pursued my graduation from GBPUA& T, Pant Nagar, Uttaranchal and MS from BHU, Varanasi. She moved to the UAE after marriage. Moving there was a huge learning curve for her. It was much easier to reach out to the NRI population across the globe, as the country itself was a cultural melting pot of different nationalities. This made her work more interesting & challenging at the same time.

“I got acquainted with eating habits, food, or food preferences and its availability in different parts of the globe. A person of the same Indian origin will have a completely different eating habit from his counterpart in India. This required me to dig deeper into researching and understanding food wisdom,” adds Saumya.

Professionally Saumya is a Licensed nutritionist (UAE), Diabetic Educator, Nutrigenomic Counselor, a Diploma holder in Sports Nutrition (Gulf Medical University, UAE), and a Life Member of the Indian Dietetic Association. She has been practising as a dietitian in the UAE with Multinationals for more than a decade now. When she is not doing this, she will find herself occupied with reading books or making her world better by composting, recycling, gardening, or practising minimalism.

“Smart eating habits are a lifelong commitment. Food should spark joy, not misery. I want to make nutrition simple yet effective without the guilt. I have helped hundreds of clients transform their lives through a sustainable lifestyle and better food choices,” she adds.

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