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Brent Laffey: Advocator of a Healthy Lifestyle

Brent Laffey | CEO
Brent Laffey | CEO

In this modern era where one is leading a busy life, eating healthy daily can be a struggle for many. The overall health improvement can occur only when there is a balance of food and nutrition. That being said, there is an awareness of the importance of supplements alongside nutritious food, furthering the demand for supplements.

But today’s consumers are more concerned about the quality, origin, and transformation of the product they purchase. Catering to this emerging need of the nutraceutical market Brent Laffey promotes and offers the Food meets Nutrition notion. Furthering this belief, the President of Armada Nutrition works closely with customers and provides them with the latest industry trends and market expertise. He is committed to offering the finest quality solutions and pledges to deliver total product traceability on raw materials and finished goods.

Armada Nutrition is a contract manufacturer of high-quality nutritional powders that provides customers with innovative formulations and turnkey products. The vertical integration with ingredients and flavors makes it unique to the industry.

Under the leadership of Brent, Armada Nutrition is dedicated to providing innovative formulations and turnkey products that taste good. Brent asserts, “We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing the highest level of service to help them achieve their goals faster.”

In a quest to find the Top 5 Influential Nutraceutical Leaders to Follow in 2022, we at Insights Care crossed paths with Brent. Let us delve into his story to learn more about how the company is scaling heights under his guiding light.

Astonishing Beginning

Brent was always interested in personal nutrition, which is tied to performance and overall health. With a family history in the food ingredient business, he ended up at Prinova and, in the first few years, got the opportunity to build out the company’s nutrition business, which tied his interest in nutrition and his history to date in the food ingredient business.

An Overview of Armada Nutrition

Backed by over 35 years of experience servicing the health and nutrition industry, Armada Nutrition was founded in 2015 as a full-service contract manufacturer specializing in powder applications. The company offers an array of manufacturing and packaging services supported by in-house industry experts that can take a product idea from concept to completion.

For Brent, Armada has been an incredible 6-year journey. He asserts, “starting with 5,000 SQ ft to taking over 338,000 SQ ft in TN in 2016 to now starting a new facility in Utah that is 438,000 sq. ft has been a crazy ride but all backed by some of the greatest employees you can ask for, also been very lucky to have relationships with some of the best brands out there.”

Values that Matter

The values Brent believes and adheres to are the same that Armada Nutrition promotes. According to Brent, Customer Focus, Integrity, Creating a safe, positive engaging environment, Charitable involvement, Accountability, Long term relationships, Commitment to Quality are the core of their operations.”

Offering a Wide Range of Products

Under the leadership of Brent, the company offers different types of products ranging from whey, vegan products of all sorts, collagen, and beef protein. Apart from that, the company also facilitates cause-specific products like Amino acids-based products for recovery, Performance-based products like pre-workouts, Beauty products, focus products, and general wellness, offering most of them in their natural forms.

Manufacturing Great Taste Products

By leveraging access to in-house flavor manufacturing capabilities with years of experience, the company has helped customers develop and deliver great-tasting, innovative products.

Although the worldwide demand for healthier alternatives, clean labels, and natural ingredients continues to grow, the taste is still the primary concern. Achieving great taste with all-natural non-caloric sweeteners can be challenging for some. However, merging its expertise in flavoring proteins with its knowledge of natural sweetening systems such as stevia or monk fruit gives its customers the power to develop healthier products while meeting consumer demand for taste.

Manufacturing flavors in-house also delivers greater creativity for customized flavors directed at a specific target while decreasing lead times and accelerating the time to market. In addition, its custom flavors are always available for purchase as raw materials, should the customer need them.

Access to Trusted Raw Material

When talking about access to raw materials, Brent states, “direct management of our global supply chain also allows us to stay on top of volatile raw material markets so that we can keep our customers informed in real-time and give them the best, most accurate market insights available.”

Unlike other contract manufacturers who purchase from third parties, the company directly audits suppliers abroad. Its procurement team has visited over 80 manufacturing facilities in China to ensure compliance with their strict standards and guarantee the finest quality of the ingredients sourced.

Backed by a robust regulatory system, Brent states, “Armada Nutrition monitors all sourced raw materials for increased quality and transparency, guaranteeing regulatory compliance of the end-products as well as cost-efficiency.”

A Noteworthy Advice

When advising the budding entrepreneurs or enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the nutraceutical niche, Brent states, “Build a solid plan, believe in your plan, work like you never get a second chance, and be willing to listen to key advisors and don’t be afraid to evolve your plan as you go, but never discount yourself or company. Always believe even on the hardest days.”

An Uphill Journey

Brent, when stating about the plan of Armada Nutrition, says, “We plan on scaling this summer by opening our second facility in Utah and now have over 770,000 SQ ft dedicated to the nutrition industry. We want to be seen as the most innovative, highest quality, and the company you go to scale your brand.”

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