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The Brisk Pace of Healthcare in India

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Healthcare has grown into one of India’s major sectors – both in terms of revenue it generates and employment prospects it makes available. Healthcare encompasses hospitals, clinical trials, medical devices, telemedicine, medical tourism, outsourcing, health insurance, medical equipment, and practice management. The Indian healthcare industry is growing at a brisk pace. Due to its consolidation coverage, services and growing expenditure by public as well private players.

With outcomes of treatment, quality of service & care, and cost of treatment being the watchwords for healthcare in the 21st century, sector shareholders around the globe are looking for inventive and cost-effective ways to provide patient-centered, technology-enabled “smart” healthcare, both inside and outside hospital walls. With this in mind we bring you the “The 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solution Providers 2018”, issue of our magazine. Through this issue bring you companies that have presented the healthcare space with innovative and revolutionary products and services.



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