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California became the first to provide free health care to its financially challenged and undocumented immigrants living in the country. It will take effect in 2024, making California the first state to achieve universal access to health coverage.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s, 22-23 budget allocation, includes expanding state Medicaid funds by 307.9 billion dollars as operating budgets. This fund will allow getting state-funded health insurance for all those 7,00,000 undocumented people. The program will start on Jan 1, 2024, initially, it will start with residents who are between the 26-49 age group.

Nationwide, federal and state governments joined together to give free health care to financially challenged adults and children through the medical program. However, the federal government won’t pay for people who are living illegally.  Some states including are harboring illegal residents and have to use their own taxes for illegal residences.