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Can We Define Leadership?

Can We Define Leadership?

Since the time we started understanding the term ‘Leadership’, we were told of a few qualities a leader should possess. Accountability, integrity, ability to take the team forward, seeing the best in people and many more such traits are what form a leader. But there are certain people, who even after having all these qualities and moving ahead with brilliance and great ideas, still don’t reach where they anticipated they would. On the other hand, for some, its comes easy to bring out the best in people, getting people to do things more effectively, and leading the way through thick and thin. What is different in these two cases? Can we certainly define what leadership is and what is the perfect way to success?

Well, when it comes to leadership, growth, and success, I guess we are all lifelong students. Apart from that, every leader brings something to the table that others do not have. The quality that differentiates a person from others, is an important factor. People have different perspective about leadership, each description varying from another. For some its a great idea and its successful implementation, while for some it is the ability to take the entire team forward along with personal growth. Putting your people ahead of you is a great way to start, and will always remain integral to leading a team or a company successfully.

Through the years, we navigate through life, meeting various people and facing many good and bad situations. More is added to a person’s personal skill set through experience, meeting certain people may change or add to our perception of leadership, and situations help us learn about work, people, and decision making. However, one thing that remains common is the will to move ahead along with the entire team of your people and staying strong and positive through all kinds of situations.

There may be a lot missing in this description of leadership as every person sees this quality in a different light. What matters is to never give up on your ideas, values, and people!



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