Can Homeopathy Treat Cancer Effectively?

To answer this question, the priority should be to understand what homeopathy is and then we must understand what cancer is. While many people from the newest generation have not heard much about this medicinal branch, the rest thinks it’s a dying branch of the medicine tree. A homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine, often called as a natural medicine which ages back to the end of 18th century. Understanding the utilities, mechanisms of this medical science and its reaction with the body, German physician Samuel Hahnemann invented this branch of medicine. It is the holistic system of medicine which has been used by medical practitioners to treat cancer patients for ages. Not only the history has shown evidence of successful results of cancer treatment by homeopathy, but recent cases studies have also given high proof of the successful use of homeopathy.

Doctors say that the uncontrolled division of an abnormal cell in a particular or multiple parts of the body causes cancer. The type of cancer is classified either by the organ affected such as lung cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer or breast cancer or by the stage of the disease, which is generally marked from I to IV. The medical practitioners explicitly mention that the diagnosis and treatment cancer differs widely by its type or stage.

As per many cancer researchers in the United Kingdom, homeopathy works on a theory where like treats like, that is, to deal with a particular illness, a homeopath uses tiny doses of a substance which in larger doses might cause the actual symptoms of the disease itself. They have mentioned that these remedies are made from naturally found items like plant, mineral and animal substance.

In the United States of America, homeopathy is still considered a useful medical option to cure one’s disease. Results found in the US showed that most of the alternative healthcare professionals use a combination of homeopathy and other ways to provide a primary therapy for cancer like immunity boost, nutritional support system solution, diet and detoxification programs. Expert professionals have informed that when this form of medicine is used appropriately in the combination of certain therapies, it acts as a powerful tool for empowering someone to heal themselves while suffering from cancer. There are various results where it has been found that the correct homeopathic recommendation has led to the determination of tumors, reversal of the entire process of cancer and recovery of the patients.

As quoted in the book of The American Homeopath Volume 18, 2012, by Manfred Mueller MA DHM RSHom (NA) CCH, “Homeopathic drugs have proven biological action in cancer; in vitro and in vivo; in animals and humans; in the lower, as well as in the higher potencies. Cancer patients are faced with a life-and-death decision when choosing their treatment. Since most conventional treatments continue to be associated with severe adverse and sometimes fatal effects, while homeopathy has been found to be free from such effects, it would seem plausible and worthwhile, even urgent, to step up the research on, and even the provision of, homeopathic treatment of cancer and other diseases.”

Medical professionals say that a homeopath provides remedies to a patient only after a full individualized examination, case-analysis which often includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution, etc. Some of the remedies a homeopath offers to a patient struggling with cancer are: Hecla lava, Silicea, Condurango, Baryta Mur, Carcinocin, Baryta carb, Thuja, Plumbumiod, Phosphorus, Calcarea flour, Lapis Albus, Conium, Phytolacca, Schirrinum, Arsenicum, Bromine, Iodine, Hydrastis, Cicuta, Cuprum, aceticum, Kali sulphuricum, Carbo animalis, etc. Homeopaths say that the above-written remedies may vary in each case depending on their stage and type of cancer and none of them should be prescribed without proper diagnosis and medical expertise. Along with these, what a cancer patient need is a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.




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