Canada’s 10 Most Valuable Healthcare Solution Providers

The Rounds: A Revolutionary Platform Aiding Healthcare Experts for Improved Healthcare Outcomes
From the invention of the first artificial pacemaker to 3D printed body parts, technology has aided a profound development of modern healthcare. Aligning technology with the human need of social interaction, healthcare platforms with the purpose of connecting medical professionals with each other and...

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Michael Weickert, CEO of Pacylex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Pacylex Pharmaceuticals: Medicinal Innovation Empowering Healthcare Space
Modern medicine has helped find solutions to complex health problems, cancer being one of them. What...
Brian Mackie and Dr Larissa McKetton of Cogniciti Inc.
Cogniciti Inc: Providing Comprehensive Care for a Quality Life
In recent years, the otherwise missing conversation on mental health has picked some attention. People...
Simon Dermer, Co-founder & Executive Chairman of eSSENTIAL Accessibility.
eSSENTIAL Accessibility: Administering Inclusive Digital Healthcare Platforms
As the healthcare sector made a rapid shift to digital platforms during the pandemic to contain the virus...


Richard Low | AI and Machine Learning
AI and Machine Learning: how tech driven healthcare is driving the industry
In 1989 Praxis embarked upon the development of a unique type of AI-based Electronic Medical Record technology...
Alexander Kotlyar | Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
The use of AI and Robotics in Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
– By Alexander Kotlyar, MD We live in a world dominated by enhanced computing power and robotic...