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Care Force: Accessible and Affable Home Care beyond Basic Needs

Michelle Coates | Registered Care Manager | Care Force
Michelle Coates | Registered Care Manager | Care Force

COVID-19 pandemic has tested the prowess of the healthcare industry. While the hospital and primary caregivers have been in limelight for their tireless work, we shouldn’t forget the extensive efforts of home care providers who have been the major shoulder to lean on during the tough times. Care Force Ltd is one such organization that has been on the front to provide quality services to its service users and assisting hospitals in transitioning patients in this tough time.

Care Force has gone far and beyond to ensure quality and cordial care to its users. In the field where socializing is easily overlooked, Care Force has seen a positive impact of outings and leisure activities on the physical and mental health of service users. And this success and positive rapport with clients lies within its direct recruitment of caregivers from within the local community.

Michelle Coates, Registered Care Manager at Care Force, having worked with different groups of clients including young people, and female and males, who suffered domestic abuse, shares compassion all the while having a deep understanding of the varied needs of individuals beyond basic care.

“Today, home care is essential as it allows each service to be accessible and widely understood by a variety of service users,” says Michelle.

Under her leadership, Care Force is moving forward with a multiple-pronged approach to cater to varying healthcare needs of clients through traditional service methods as well as newer technological developments.

In the following article Michelle shares her journey with Care Force, the team’s extraordinary efforts during the pandemic, and how the company—with its unique caregiving approach—has established itself as one of the county’s most renowned home care providers.

Care Force in its wake

Care Force set its foot in the care services market in 1992 to promote people’s independence through active support from highly qualified staff. As a family-owned organization, Care Force strongly believes in a value-driven approach. The company’s diligent work has been reflected in the strong bond with the service users and the enhanced positive work culture.

Michelle shared the secret behind the company’s strong bond with clients as well as employees. “Quality, support, kindness, and trust have been the company’s fundamental ethos. This underpins the service that we provide where continuity of care and a person-centered approach are paramount,” Michelle expressed.

Care Force has been providing domiciliary care to the local community within Worcestershire for over 25 years with compassion and a person-centric approach, which has helped the company establish its name as one of the county’s superior home care providers.

How has Care Force managed to maintain and enhance the compassion and human touch in their home care services? “By bringing caregivers and the majority of administration and management staff on-board from within the local community,” Michelle answered.

Catering to the need of socializing

While marching forward with passion and professional approach, Care Force has managed to remain a close-knit community, which has helped the company from the competition. Care force directly recruits the staff from within the local community, who understands the needs of the service users and the wider community.

“There is a sense of belonging, trust, and oneness at Care Force which you do not find when staff is recruited through agencies,” Michelle explained.

Another pivotal element in the company’s success is the provision of both social and specialized care services. The Care Force team has gone above and beyond whenever needed to ensure a brilliant rapport is created between a service user and caregiver.

In addition to this, the company’s specialized care to support service users suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s has been a beneficial aspect to create trust among the service users. More than providing specialized care, Care Force has gone one step ahead to ensure the support these individuals need to thrive independently while living in their home with tailor-made packages to cater to flexible changes, needs, and preferences.

Coordinating care with compassion

Born and raised in Bromsgrove, Michelle understands the local community and the needs that exist within it. This has been her strength when she started her career as career with Care Force in 1998 while studying at University.

Michelle left Care Force in 2007 and since then has worked across several fields including public health and the local council mainly within the Housing sector. Her experience while aiding specialized and vulnerable client groups including young people, women, and men escaping domestic abuse and homeless adults filled her with compassion all the while understanding the varied needs of people.

Michelle returned to Care Force in 2014 stepping into the newly created role of Care Coordinator in the same year. In January 2020, she became the registered manager leading the Care Force team with her experience, expertise, compassion, and vision to provide the best person-centered care services. “I am extremely proud of the team at Care Force, and we all are committed to providing the best service we can for our service users,” Michelle shared.

Going the extra mile

COVID-19 pandemic has been a tumultuous challenge for the whole world. And during these tough times, the caregivers have proven to be our true strength at the root level. Michelle shared how Care Force sailed through this challenging time, “Our company took on more contracts than usual and supporting patients released from hospitals with their transition. This has helped hospitals to increase capacity and hasten turnaround times for patient discharges.”

Any organization can only soar to new heights with the extraordinary efforts of its team. Appreciating the efforts of the Care Force team Michelle said, “Our staff has been absolute superheroes by being in the front line of key service, putting our service users first, and going the extra mile to ensure they reach all those in need.”

The caregivers at Care Force have taken on extra shifts, covered for each other, and truly come together as a unit to ensure the company is always providing service users the best care. This new-found strength has inculcated new confidence to extend the company’s services to reach more service users in need. As home care services have become essential and increased in demand Care Force continues raising awareness of their services to ensure care is widely available to those who need it.

The Healthcare sector has wide avenues to pave especially post-pandemic. Care Force aims to undertake this opportunity to scale in the future by focusing on being the primary home care provider to its service users for all their healthcare needs.

Step in only for the meaningful deed

Unlike other businesses, home care is more personal, more involved, and every aspect of it albeit management, directorship, marketing to on-the-ground caregiving, feels like an act of humanitarian service. In this sector, one can experience the tangible outcome which gives utmost satisfaction to professional caregivers. Michelle very well resonates with the feeling and she encourages budding entrepreneurs ready to enter the home care space.

“It is the most rewarding and fulfilling venture I have ever set foot in.” Michelle said, “Every area of development and progress you make immediately has a positive impact on the quality of life of those you serve. If you are looking to invest in something meaningful that allows you to give back to the community at large, then this is the way forward.”



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