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Changing the Care Continuum

Changing the Care Continuum | Insights Care

Today, healthcare is being transformed with cost-effective solutions and services that the healthcare solution providers are providing. Gradually, we are moving away from the traditional mode to a co-ordinated mode. Besides, advanced technology can help funnel value in hospitals and across care settings. This would assist providers to improve performance and reduce variability.

Also, at present, solution providers has the ability to leverage data from disparate sources to improve care that include sources like EHR’s, administrative records, multiple physicians, and the patients. However, new systems are required to enable the tracking of care from the beginning to an end. Likely, each member of the care team such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and more needs clear visibility for this information. This way, more innovations would ensure that patients can benefit from technological advances.

In our issue ‘Best Healthcare Startups to Watch for 2019’, we have introduced the leading and dynamic startups that are spearheading the healthcare space with their astounding services and solutions. We have presented, Acorn Biolabs , a healthcare technology company focused on delivering easy, affordable and non-invasive live cell collection, analysis and cryopreservation service; BabyMed which is an integrated and innovative mobile health platform that provides easy and affordable access to reliable maternal and child health care information and services; Biome Analytics which offers cardiovascular performance solutions that combine machine learning technologies with human-driven insights to improve clinical and financial performance; Conversa Health which is a clinically-intelligent conversation platform helps healthcare organizations deliver smart, automated, patient conversation experiences that are patient profile driven and lead to more meaningful patient relationships, better population management, improved care coordination, and quality outcomes; Micrima, the leading company that helps to detect breast cancer at an early stage with its innovative product; Nemaura Medical, a private pharmaceutical company that offers apt, reliable, and minimally invasive skin-based drug delivery technologies; Transformative AI  which is the leading start-up that blends AI and novel analysis techniques employed at CERN and provides distinctive solutions to the clients.

We have also encompassed CXO article ‘ Empowering Patients through Technology’ written by Dimas Francisco Silva Jr, Medcloud Founder and CEO.

Our in-house editors have also scripted amazing articles which would shed some light on tech-advancements.



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