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China approves Covid-19 vaccine for military use



Biotech company CanSino Biologics has announced that it has obtained clearance from the Chinese Central Military Commission for the use of its Ad5-nCoV vaccine by the military for a term of one year.

Ad5-nCoV, a covid-19 vaccine produced jointly by CanSino Biologics and the Academy of Military Medical Sciences – a medical research institution operated by the People’s Liberation Army, is among eight vaccines authorized by China for human respiratory disease caused by Covid-19. The vaccine has also been approved for human testing in Canada.

CanSino said the Ad5-nCoV is actually limited to military use only. This cannot be applied to a broader spectrum of vaccines without having a go-ahead from the Logistics Support Department, the biotech company added.

For quite some time, Ad5-nCoV has been among the country’s leading candidates since the coronavirus vaccine. In fact, it was the first clinical trial in the world to begin on 16 March, according to media reports. CanSino performed phase 1 and 2 experiments in Wuhan, the site of the coronavirus epidemic.

Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials of Ad5-nCoV have demonstrated that they have the ability to avoid coronavirus-related diseases, but their market viability cannot be assured, the company added.

No vaccination has been licensed by any government for clinical use against coronavirus-related disease. There are more than a dozen vaccines from more than 100 organizations globally at various levels of vaccine production.



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