Data Visionaries: Leading Chief Data Officers Shaping Healthcare in 2024

Sandeep Rustagi: Innovating Healthcare Through Data Analytics
In today’s digital age, the healthcare industry is undergoing a monumental transformation. Data analytics, once a supplementary tool, has emerged as a central pillar in redefining how healthcare institutions operate, make decisions, and ultimately, deliver patient care. The ability to utilize vast amounts...

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Lucas Fonoli | MD | São Francisco Hospital
Dr. Lucas Fonoli: Bridging Medicine and Technology for Better Patient Outcomes
The fusion of technology and patient care is becoming increasingly crucial in the fast-changing healthcare...


CDOs and the Pursuit of World-Class Care
Measuring Performance and Maintaining Accountability In today’s healthcare environment, organizations...
How CDOs are Transforming Healthcare?
Data Governance and Quality Healthcare’s digital transformation hinges on data governance and quality....