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Demand for Gene Therapy to Rise, expects Drug Manufacturers

Demand for Gene Therapy to Rise | Insights Care

Demand for Gene Therapy to Rise

The world of science is evolving every day;with every new invention, there opens a new door of opportunities for the medical industry and the healthcare sector to develop better patient care facilities. Experts of the medical industry have declared that finally, the time has come to understand the potential of gene therapy and usage of the process for making further improvement in the healthcare facility. Recently, the major drug manufacturers around the world have announced that they are currently hoping to produce commercially viable medicines after witnessing minute sale for the treatment in Europe.

The industry gives credit to the advances taking place while delivering genes to targeted cells and the scientists have said that soon the treatment will offer the option to fix faulty DNA in the patients. It is expected that the United States is going to be one of the first ones to receive the benefit. Even the drug makers have faced tremendous problems after launching two drugs in Europe as experts suggested that the drug initiated to treat ultra-care diseases were costly products for genetic diseases.

The days of frustration are soon fading away with the new opportunities on the way to the medicinal market. The drug manufacturers are soon coming up with therapies treating inherent conditions like haemophilia, and the makers argue that the new treatments are going to offer one-off cures for intractable diseases that will help health providers to save huge amount of money in the long term run over conventional treatment which each patient requires for years to get cured.

KPMG Chief Medical Adviser Hilary Thomas said, “It’s disappointing that so few patients have received gene therapy in Europe.” Hilary further added, “It shows the business challenges and the problems faced by publicly-funded healthcare systems in dealing with a costly one-off treatment.”

The surrounding scenario and the medical history reports suggest that the hereditary condition Haemophilia has affected more than 100,000 people in markets where only specialty drug manufacturers typically operate, and this scene promises to be the first real big commercial opportunity for them. With solution come difficulties too but with the rise in the number of patients needing gene therapy, the drug making companies are going to witness a real time with a slight decrease in the price of the products.

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