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Diaper Bags: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Parenting

Diaper Bags

Your lifestyle completely transforms when you welcome a baby into your life. You must head out with a bunch of baby products and supplies; when we say “a bunch,” we mean a lot of those.

There must be feeding bottles, diapers, wipes, and so on. But first-time parenting is daunting; you want to be the best mom or dad in the world. You do not want to leave any necessary baby accessories behind, but at the same time, it seems like a struggle to identify what is required and what to exclude from your baby bag.

A Baby Bag is a Part of Parenting 101

If you are new to parenting, you must have realized that a baby bag is more than just a sack to carry your baby’s stuff around. It is an organ of your parenting life without which you cannot imagine functioning. The fact that you have everything your baby possibly needs up your sleeve makes you feel like a super mom.

In the Philippines, parenting revolves a lot around engaging with your kids at every step of their life. This engagement makes the parents, especially mothers, very particular about their children’s needs. The Vicks vapor rub comes out as a cure for every seasonal illness; magically, they always have snacks just in case the kids are hungry.

When the standards are that high, it is okay to feel nervous about yourself. In the following section, we have rounded up a list of baby accessories new parents can use as a guide for preparing a baby bag.

Diaper Bag Essentials You Do Not Want to Leave Behind

Deciding what to pack in a diaper bag would be easy if you consider every possible scenario you are likely to encounter. Sure, you will put in some diapers and wipes, but what about an extra set of clothes in case your kid spills on themselves?

Although the number of items in your baby’s bag depends on your preference, you can still use a general checklist as a guide.

1.      Baby’s Food and Pacifiers

To open our list, we list the essential thing – food! Babies get hungry, and they get cranky. So, you can never pack your bag without food, whether pumped breast milk, water bottles, powdered milk, etc. Carry pacifiers and nipples in a clean bag or a container, and keep the bottles covered to avoid germs.

2.      Diapers

Just like food, it only makes sense to pack a baby bag by putting in many diapers. Remember, you need a diaper every two hours, so pack accordingly. Throw in a couple of extras only to be on the safe side.

3.      Wipes and Washcloth

Wipes, the handiest item on our list, are a must-have in a baby bag. They are great for wiping the baby’s face and legs without reacting to the skin. Toss in as many as you can, and then add some washcloths because you can never have enough of these, as infants can be messy.

4.      Empty Disposal Bags

Another thing to have in your diaper bag is waste disposal or poop bags. These are helpful if you change your baby’s diaper and cannot find a place to dispose of them. They are also a great way to dispose of diapers in public trash without making a mess. Empty bags can come in handy for soiled clothes.

5.      A Spare Set of Clothes

Next on our list of diaper bag essentials is an extra set of clean clothes. Now, this one is not an option; it is a compulsion. Even if you plan to come home by night, you should only leave your house with a spare onesie or clothes.

6.      Light Blanket

You should not forget an extra layer for your little one, like a light blanket for chilly evenings. Regardless of the season, it is always wise to have protection against unexpected weather changes. Blankets and sheets are also great for shading from the sun.

7.      UV Protection Essentials

Whether you have a summer or winter baby, you need a seasonally appropriate hat or cap to block the sun. In addition, you need to put in children’s sunscreen for your little one. Most people consider this unimportant, but that skin also needs protection because it is sensitive.

8.      Band-Aids and Ointments

Your baby bag must contain a small first-aid kit to serve the little one’s needs. In this kit, toss in some baby cream, ointment, gel, Band-Aids, etc. Adding hand sanitizer before feeding the baby or touching the face is better. You cannot be sure who felt what you have touched, especially when you are outdoors.

Checklist for the Baby Bag Add-ons

Babies are unpredictable, and part of crisis management is to have the right things at the correct hour. In addition to the baby products mentioned above, you might need some extra gear inside your diaper bag, like:

  • Light snacks, especially if your kid is six months or above. These do not have to be the ones that ruin the appetite; light puffs would serve the purpose well.
  • A stuffed doll or any favorite toy of their choice to keep them entertained
  • A nursing cover, which is not essential but handy for nursing mothers in public
  • A baby bib to avoid mess while feeding your baby inside a movie car

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what to toss in your baby’s diaper bag, it is time to start packing. Do not put things randomly because that is how you will end up cluttering instead of organizing.

You were being strategic when packing will reduce your struggle and make your life easier. Otherwise, finding anything while juggling your wriggly baby would be impossible. So, stash different categories of your diaper bag products into smaller bags, preferably colored. Keep the liquids in separate compartments in tightly sealed bottles to prevent leakage.

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