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Does Psilocybin Have a Place in Healthcare?


We have access to many effective medications to treat and cure various medical issues and complaints. Many of these medications are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. However, in more recent years, many people have been exploring natural options. They believe natural products can cure and manage illnesses and ease their suffering. Psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, is just one of the many. If you’re wondering whether psilocybin has a place in healthcare, read about its potential benefits below:


Magic mushrooms on their own or within goods like Mantra Bars Euphoria have long been used for recreational purposes. However, that’s not all these fungi is good for. Current research suggests that psilocybin may be effective for treatment-resistant depression.

In studies, psilocybin created better connections between different parts of the brain in people living with depression. These connections had the potential to free them from excessive self-focus and rumination. It was also discovered that study participants using psilocybin were ‘less emotionally avoidant, and their cognitive functioning got better.’

Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is hard work. Despite tens of millions of Americans giving up the habit for good, many still struggle. If you’ve tried many different tools and products like gum, patches, and lozenges, consider exploring psilocybin. A Johns Hopkins University pilot study found that using psilocybin improved people’s ability to stay smoke-free.

According to the study lead, psilocybin can ‘shake someone out of their routine’ and give them a glimpse of a larger picture. As a result, people can be better able to ‘step outside’ of those problems, such as smoking.

Trauma-Related Disorders

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a chronic disorder with underwhelming treatment rates. Many people struggle to live with and manage this debilitating condition. In fact, current research suggests that around 33% of people living with PTSD are treatment-resistant.

Further research is required, but psilocybin shows promise as a potential treatment option. Current research suggests that psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy (PAP) may help people with PTSD confront traumatic memories, decrease emotional avoidance, and increase acceptance. They may also experience reduced depression, anxiety, and pessimism. Psilocybin may be the modern approach to mental health many people have been looking for.

Cancer-Related Anxiety

Cancer can be a scary illness to be battling. If you’ve been diagnosed with a type of cancer that may eventually take your life, it’s not uncommon to experience anxiety, depression, and general fear. After all, you’re having to face your mortality. Many people also struggle with the idea of not being around for their loved ones.

There may be no way to eliminate these feelings completely. However, psilocybin may prove helpful. Preliminary results suggest that people diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer who are experiencing overwhelming anxiety may benefit from magic mushrooms. The John Hopkins randomized double-blind trial found that just one dose of psilocybin improved quality of life and decreased anxiety and depression in people living with advanced cancer.

Psilocybin might be something people take for recreational purposes. Still, that doesn’t mean that’s its only purpose. Psilocybin may also be helpful for mental and physical health challenges like PTSD, trauma, quitting smoking, and depression.

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