Eat Dark Chocolate and Stay Away from Health Issues

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Chocolate lovers don’t require any occasion or reason to eat chocolates they always want it. But everything is having positive and negative consequences; if we talk about Chocolate -it changes the person’s mood, keeps them calm and resolves many problems. Good news for chocolate lovers, this study carried by the scientist, suggest that eating few dark chocolate bars in a week will help to tackle many health problems away. For this, they observed that a group of people who ate a moderate amount of chocolate stood away from major heart problems such as irregular heart beating, blood clot formation, heart strokes, etc.

How does it Works?

Milk chocolate, White chocolate, Dark chocolate and modeling chocolate etc. are the types of chocolates available in the market branded by different names. Not all chocolates are beneficial from the health point of view, but only the dark one is more beneficial. The constituents used in their preparation make them special.

According to studies, the intake of chocolate varies with person to person. If we consider some normal, adult women they eat about 30gm of chocolate bar per week which helps them to lower the heart risk by 21%, while the same amount of chocolate bar for two to six times per week helps men in reducing the risk by 23%.  Even a small amount of cocoa consumption can work to get better results.

Act as Antioxidant and Blood Pressure Regulator

Dark chocolate has the lesser amount of sugar and fat. It also contains flavonoids, with anti-oxidant properties that are responsible for increase the flexibility of veins and arteries and reduces the risk of heart strokes. A bite of chocolate per day regulates the blood flow and lowers the blood pressure. It also improves blood vessel functioning and lowers the blood pressure.

Prevents Blood Clumping and Regulates Cholesterol Level

Eating chocolate in little amount prevents the blood clot formation as the cell clumping rate is meager in chocolate eaters and reduces the risk of cardiac rescue. Cocoa powder helps to lower the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol from its oxidative damage and increases the level of HDL (good) cholesterol in men.

Prevents Blood Inflammation and Improves Eyesight

Even a bite of chocolate a day helps to regulate the blood inflammation inducing-protein away, which reduces the chances of getting heart attacks. Some researchers found that chocolate work to improve eye sight by improving the blood flow to retina and brain.

Skin Protector and Brain Booster

Chewing a small amount of dark chocolate daily protects the skin from harmful rays coming from the Sun. It works like a sunscreen. But, not all kind of dark chocolates work as the sunscreen and only a few of those with the high level of flavonoids work effectively. Chocolates are proven for its brain-boosting activity. The brain requires a sufficient amount of energy, oxygen and blood flow. Flavanols are responsible for the enlargement of blood vessels which supply the sufficient amount of oxygen and blood to the brain.

Preventive for Cancer and Diabetes

Cocoa has pentameric procyanidin, which is known to suppress functioning of the protein necessary for the growth of cancerous cells that also prevents the cell division and prevents the spread of cancer. Chocolate eating increases the insulin metabolism by increasing the insulin sensitivity, which helps to regulate the blood glucose level and lowers the chances of getting diabetes.

So we need to eat chocolate at moderate amount to get benefits of that.



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