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EHR Analytics: ‘Key to Transformation into a Value-based Care’

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Healthcare institutions across the globe are undergoing rapid transformation from mere care service facilities to consumer-driven and business performance units. Through clinical analytics and intelligent solutions, healthcare administrators, analysts, and managers can make conclusions that assist with business decisions throughout the industry. Medical institutions that harness the dynamism of big data and data analytics to manage and process patient information have put themselves at a contentious advantage as they can identify emerging patterns and trends more easily. This drives to better business intelligence and eventually to better decisions about patient care as well as the commercial side of the practice. Business and clinical analytics range from statistical examination and processing to data visualization.

Consequently, in today’s business ecosystem quality information is considered critical and one of the key determinants of quality decisions and actions. Right information has become an essential resource and an asset for companies’ business processes that are based on the information. From EHR perspective, data analytics assists to capture data and transform it into essential and useful information thus shouldering institutions to gain clarity and be able to adjust their business model according to the industry requirements. Analytics also saves doctors and physicians valuable time, who are inundated with inputs and readouts charting which is a significant challenge for them to pay attention to, while the same time can be used to deliver care. Analytics also helps in monitoring patient data efficiently in real time and thus enables them to invest more time in better patient care.

With the dozens of benefits of EHR analytics, at the end who is the ultimate beneficiary: the patients. The use of analytics will ultimately transform patient care. People can receive treatment protocols that work for them individually. They can use medicines that are mainly targeted based upon their individual characteristics and can be made aware of the risks beforehand so that the precautionary treatments and lifestyle changes can take place.



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