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Europe can reach COVID pandemic ‘endgame’ this year: WHO



As the world entered the third consecutive year of the COVID pandemic, the experts from the WHO (World Health Organization) gave a statement that it might end this year if the ideal conditions remain constant.

The omicron variant has divided the pandemic into two-phase and could possibly end in the Europe continent,” said WHO Europe director Hans Kluge. “By the end of March, 60 percent population could get infected by omicron variant,” he added.

While in India, the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise steadily, most of the states have reached their peak in the third wave. Other states will reach a peak within a week.

Looking at the COVID-19 status and the natural infection, we can say that very soon, the majority of us will be getting an infection. And then this virus will convert into the endemic virus,” said AIIMS epidemiologist DR Sanjay Rai.



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