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Foods that Doctors Recommend Eating and Avoiding to Prevent Cancer

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A cancer physician once said that disease prevention begins in the kitchen.
The senior physician of Hackensack Meridian Health’s John Theurer Cancer Center in New Jersey, Andre Goy, M.D., attributes the rising cancer rates and poor diets of many Americans to a “reliance on convenience”.

The physician believes that by adopting healthier living habits, such as giving up alcohol and tobacco, eating a plant-based diet, and exercising, over half of cancer cases can be avoided.

Apart from being a physician specializing in cancer, Goy has an intense love for food. He’s worked as a cook in his family’s inn in the French Alps.

“It is a great pleasure to combine this into my practice of medicine and oncology,” added the doctor.

Goy offered his advice on enhancing diet to lower cancer risk and promote general heath.

Americans ate only an average of 8.2 meals at home per week – a historic low, according to a Gallup study.

According to Goy, statistics like these may be a factor in the rise in cancer cases among young adults.

“The biggest problem in the American diet is a reliance on convenience rather than home cooking,” according to insiders. “As a result, we eat too many processed foods.”

The doctor pointed out that eating ultra-processed meals that are high in calories and low in nutritional content can increase the risk of cancer by inducing weight gain and obesity. The danger is further increased when alcohol and inactivity are coupled.

“The biggest problem in the American diet is a reliance on convenience rather than home cooking.”

“Obesity and poor diet induce microbiome dysbiosis, a decrease in microbial diversity that leads to chronic inflammation and leaky gut, increasing your cancer risk,” Goy stated.

“Ultra-processed food refined with added sugar and white flour can negatively impact the balance of gut bacteria, leaving us more susceptible to the development of cancers.”

He said that a lot of packaged and prepared foods are deficient in important nutrients and include chemical preservatives that raise the risk of cancer.

Goy pointed out that obesity and inactivity have an impact on the immune system, which in turn affects the body’s capacity to fend against illness and infection.

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