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Good Friends Inc.: Healing Haven

Good Friends Inc
Good Friends Inc

In the journey to overcome addiction, finding the right support can make all the difference. Standing as a guiding light for individuals battling substance abuse in Morrisville, Pennsylvania Good Friends Inc. offers a safe haven for healing.

As a licensed residential treatment program, Good Friends Inc. focuses on helping adult males aged 18 and older navigate the challenges of substance use disorders. With accreditation from CARF, they provide professional care with a personal touch.

Located on a picturesque 150-acre farm, Good Friends Inc. operates out of a historic farmhouse, blending the comfort of family living with the tranquility of rural surroundings. Here, individuals find a nurturing environment where they can focus on their recovery journey.

Beyond traditional treatment, Good Friends Inc. emphasizes the importance of community integration and independent growth. They understand that recovery extends beyond abstaining from substances, encompassing the rebuilding of lives and relationships.

Brian Gadinski, the Executive Director of Good Friends Inc., brings a wealth of experience to the organization. With a background in the mental and social services fields, Brian has been leading the team since September 6, 2022. As a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania, Brian has spent four years helping clients navigate stress and anxiety.

With a compassionate approach, Good Friends Inc. strives to empower individuals to reclaim their lives and embrace a brighter future. Their dedication to supporting recovery shines through in every interaction, offering hope and encouragement to those in need.

Let’s explore the invaluable work of Good Friends Inc., where every individual is supported with dignity and respect on their path to healing!

Empowering Addiction Recovery

Established in 1977 and operational since 1978, Good Friends Inc. is set amidst the serene landscapes of the 150-acre property owned by the Snipes family. Originating from an initiative to address the growing needs of lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the organization remains deeply rooted in community support.

At Good Friends, Inc., the core mission is clear: “to provide comprehensive and quality behavioral health and related services in the continuum of care for adult males who are chemically dependent.” This commitment extends to promoting the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of these men, while also addressing the needs of the community and consumers it serves. This dedication is upheld through rigorous measurement and evaluation of program effectiveness, efficient utilization of administrative systems, ensuring a safe environment, and active participation in treatment programs.

With a committed board of directors, effective leadership, and a dedicated staff focused on client welfare, Good Friends Inc. has become a trusted partner in the journey of addiction recovery.

From Struggle to Strength

Brian’s journey has been marked by significant challenges and triumphs. His battle with drug and alcohol addiction began at the tender age of 12, escalating over the years and leading to encounters with adversity including imprisonment and near-death experiences. However, his path took a positive turn in 2008 when he embraced recovery, embarking on a transformative journey that led him through inpatient treatment and a recovery house. Settling in Pottstown, PA, Brian pursued higher education, initiating a new chapter in his life by enrolling in college classes.

In 2011, Brian secured his first job in the human services sector as a counsellor assistant at Wedge Recovery Center in Philadelphia, PA. Through dedication and perseverance, he advanced within the organization, eventually assuming the role of Facility Director in 2016. Armed with a master’s degree in psychology and licensure as a Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania, Brian attributes much of his success to the guidance of his mentors along the way.

In September of 2022, Brian was appointed as the Executive Director of Good Friends Inc. by the board of directors, succeeding the retiring Executive Director, Ted Millard, who had led the organization for 27 years. Brian’s focus since joining Good Friends Inc. has been to uphold its mission faithfully, ensuring its continued operation in service to the community.

Reflecting on his journey, Brian expresses his passion for working in the addictions field, fueled by the belief in the unexplored potential within each client served. He recognizes the importance of empathy, encouragement, and thought-provoking questions in inspiring individuals to strive for positive change in their lives.

Dedicated Staff—A Cornerstone of Care

At Good Friends Inc., the staff’s exceptional dedication is evident in their everyday actions. Brian expresses deep appreciation for the professionalism and compassion exhibited by the team. With a clear understanding of their roles, the staff execute their duties diligently, creating a positive atmosphere within the organization. Many team members have remained with Good Friends Inc. for years, driven by their passion for the work. Notably, Terica Smiley, the clinical director, exemplifies this spirit, having dedicated over 30 years of her expertise to the agency, enriching it with her remarkable contributions.

Striving for Excellence

Brian emphasizes the agency’s commitment to adhering to CARF policies, recognizing their importance in enhancing the overall programming at Good Friends Inc. He highlights the organization’s ongoing evaluation of various program aspects, ensuring alignment with best practices. These evaluations encompass areas such as risk management, technology integration, cultural competency, strategic planning, and more, reflecting Good Friends Inc.’s dedication to maintaining excellence and relevance in its services.

Charting Progress

Brian envisions a future for Good Friends Inc. that is marked by continuous progress, recognizing the ever-evolving nature of the healthcare field. Together with the board of directors, he has initiated preliminary discussions regarding potential expansion plans over the coming years. Their aim is to extend support to a broader spectrum of individuals, including those with different diagnoses from their current clientele. Specifically, they contemplate the establishment of a co-occurring halfway house facility. Despite these prospective developments, Brian emphasizes that maintaining the organization’s commitment to excellence in serving existing clients remains the primary focus, both in the current program and any new ventures.



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