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Health Officials from New Hampshire Caution of Possible Measles Exposure


New Hampshire health officials say a resident with a confirmed case of measles visited multiple locations throughout the Upper Valley earlier this month, where they could have spread measles to people who are not immune.

The New Hampshire Health Department says both cases are linked to an international traveler who visited Hanover, New Hampshire, in late June.

Officials say the infected New Hampshire resident visited various businesses throughout the Upper Valley while infectious, including the West Lebanon Sierra Trading Post and the Dartmouth Co-op.

They say people who are not immune– including those not previously infected or fully vaccinated, people with weakened immune systems and infants– may have been exposed and should be monitored for symptoms. Those symptoms include high fever, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes several days before developing a body rash. Anyone who develops symptoms should contact their health care provider.

As of June 27, a total of 159 measles cases were reported by 23 jurisdictions: Wisconsin, West Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Ohio, New York State, New York City, New Mexico,  New Jersey,  Virginia, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Missouri,   Minnesota,  Michigan, Maryland,  Louisiana,  Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, California and Arizona.

In 2024, 12 outbreaks (defined as three or more related cases) have been documented, with outbreak-associated cases accounting for 66% of all cases (105 of 159). For comparison, four outbreaks were reported in 2023, with outbreak-related cases accounting for 48% (28 of 58).

Measles is a highly contagious, airborne disease that can cause a severe rash.

Prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine, approximately 48,000 people were hospitalized and 400-500 died in the US annually. Measles isn’t a seasonal virus. However, measles is frequently spread during periods of increased travel (for example, spring break) or in situations when unvaccinated people are in close proximity (for example, summer camp).

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