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Health Risk Increases with Monkeypox Reaching Bexar County



San Antonio Metropolitan Health District reports two positive cases of monkeypox in Bexar County. Though the cases have been confirmed Metro Health declines the severe threat to community.

The cases of monkeypox have been noted in Texas with 42 cases, Austin with 6 confirmed and 7 presumptive cases.

The spread of the virus is contagious. It can spread through the touch, shared utensils, and body fluids. It is hard to recognize as symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills, exhaustion, and rash that can look like pimples or blisters

Metro Health Director Claude A. Jacob in his statement says, “With increased cases occurring nationwide and across the state, we have been actively monitoring this situation, –Because the disease does not easily spread from person-to-person without direct contact, the chance of exposure to the public is minimal. We encourage residents to be aware of the symptoms, follow prevention recommendations, and consult with a healthcare provider when needed.”



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