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Healthcare To Improve Sustainability by Cutting Down Vitamin D Tests



A recent healthcare study conducted by the University of Sydney attempted to examine the climate impact of performing vitamin D tests. It found out that vitamin D testing not only cost the healthcare system up to $87 million but also led to a significant carbon footprint.

Responding to the matter, “These tests are unnecessary, and therefore their carbon footprint could be avoidable,” said researchers.

The produced carbon footprint involved approximately 28,000 to 42,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, which were calculated through equipment such as glass tubes, needles, and syringes, all of which generated carbon emissions during their manufacturing.

As per the study, such an amount could be considered equivalent to a car driving 59 times from Sydney to Perth.

Addressing these findings, Breth Peterson, a lead researcher, stated, “Healthcare sustainability must be improved. The concept deserves additional attention from health practice, policy, and future research. ”

Hence, “The study has represented an opportunity for health to reduce its carbon footprint,” concluded Professor Alexandra Barratt from the Faculty of Medicine and Health.



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