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HER ONE: An Assured Benchmark of Wellness

Chanyu Xu | HER ONE

Women accept varied roles and responsibilities to penetrate different facades of the world economy. Whether the work is done in the kitchen or a corporate office, they succeed everywhere. Comprehending this scenario, solutions providers enable convenience through reliable solutions for women’s health.

With the demand for female-focused solution providers and natural nutrition blends to support women to live their best lives. However, these providers ensure that the solutions must be natural, simple, and trusted.

One such unique platform enabling reliability in this niche is HER ONE, a Berlin-based wellness brand that provides natural supplements with botanical nutrients to nourish one’s beauty from the inside out.

Moreover, HER ONE has defined various product promises to which the company adhere, including a total of three areas: 100% natural and clean, sustainable, and transparent and, finally, developed by doctors.

In an exclusive interview with Insights Care, Chanyu Xu, Founder and CEO, sheds light on the company’s USPs, highlighting the current industry scenario and her opinion on the company’s future.

Chanyu, please tell us about HER ONE, its core values and its contribution to ameliorating women’s health and empowerment.

HER ONE is a Berlin-based wellness brand that provides natural supplements with botanical nutrients to nourish one’s beauty from the inside out. I founded the company in 2017 in order to support women of all ages in all situations of life.

Together with a team of experts, the company aims to portray the beauty and lifestyle industry with innovative and sustainable products made from natural raw materials.

Additionally, HER ONE wants to bring women’s health into the public focus. Human health is incredibly important, and that is why it is also essential to highlight topics like women’s intestinal health.

Tell us more about HER ONE’s offerings and what aspects make it stand out in the healthcare industry.

Since 2019 we have been on the market with our bestseller product “Inner Beauty”. Our #pinkdrink provides harmony in the belly and radiant skin. It is a combination product consisting of a drink and a calcium capsule that supports digestion – consisting of 25 billion active, natural and good microorganisms (lacto-and bifidobacterial cultures).

In addition, a capsule of natural calcium ensures an optimal support of digestive enzymes and covers 50% of the daily requirement of calcium. In addition, our pink drink contains other vegetable fibres and minerals from freeze-dried strawberries, raspberries and organic dwarf bananas, respectively.

On top, our inner beauty product also contains important nutrients from the following organic superfoods: baobab and pea protein. The market is full of synthetic chemical clubs, which in my eyes, have nothing to do with preventive health care.

We, at HER ONE, have developed principles for ourselves that unfortunately are not a matter of course in the current times, but are an obligation for us: we have defined various product promises for ourselves that we adhere to, including a total of 3 areas: 100% natural and clean, sustainable, and transparent and, finally, developed by doctors.

100% natural and clean: Without added sugar, preservatives, flavourings, the products are free of gluten, lactose, without sweeteners and artificial additives.

Sustainable and transparent – Our raw materials are certified organic; the products are made in Germany, and for the sake of the environment, we rely on 100% recyclable and refillable packaging.

Developed by doctors – Our products are developed based on the latest studies and tested and certified in Germany.

Tell us about your journey in the healthcare sector highlighting HER ONE’s vision in the industry.

The origin of the story begins with my parents. They came from China to Germany in the mid-80s. They studied at the beginning and later started their own business. They gave me the opportunity to develop and pursue my passion.

For me, this was not a matter of course, and even today, I am incredibly grateful to have had this chance: that’s why I founded HER ONE, with the vision to support women of all ages and in all situations.

For as long as I can remember, nutrition has played a major role in my life. I firmly believe that you will live longer and better if you eat well.

In Germany, we say: All good things come in threes! HER ONE is the third start-up I have founded in the food tech sector. Creating something new always demands a lot of time and energy. In the meantime, I know from my own experience that one tries to win some extra time a lot of time by eating “fast” and, unfortunately, often unhealthily in stressful phases.

Thus, a vicious cycle of stress, hasty eating, and indisposition begins quickly. For this reason, these people suffer from digestive problems. Unfortunately, women are affected more often than men.

With HER ONE, I would like to help people, especially women in all different phases of their lives, to tackle health problems holistically from the inside out. Studies and the latest research confirm what many physicians have known for centuries: A healthy body starts with a healthy gut.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the healthcare industry. How is your company adapting to the change?

It is hard to imagine life without AI and ML in today’s world. Generally, in the healthcare industry, many healthcare organizations face the challenge of accumulating huge data sets in the form of medical records and images, population data, claims data, and clinical trial data.

AI technologies are well suited to analyse this data and derive patterns and insights that humans could not find on their own. With the usage of AI, healthcare organizations can use algorithms to make better business and clinical decisions and improve the quality of the experience they deliver.

To better understand our customers, we use as much data as possible to better understand women’s needs and wants. Using the different algorithms, we try to bring the topic to as many women as possible and educate them.

Many of those affected do not even know that intestinal health is an important topic and that it is by no means a taboo subject. It is important to create awareness slowly but surely for inner health.

What would be your advice for the budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the healthcare industry?

I would advise the budding entrepreneurs to leave their comfort zone. The beginning is always the hardest, and for this reason, it is important to keep in mind why you have chosen this important and future-relevant industry in the first place.

Ultimately, people stand and fall with their health, and for this reason, there are no taboos and no limits, especially in this industry. In the end, your own vision and mission will not only help you, but also your family and friends.

Other people can also be helped with your own product, and you should keep this in mind regularly. The start-up scene needs people who are not afraid of challenges and accept them and master them in their own way.

How do you envision scaling HER ONE’s operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond?

In the meantime, it’s not enough if the product and the content are great – the responsibility you have in today’s start-up scene goes much further: the purity and sustainability of our products are especially important to me.

There are enough companies in the market that still haven’t understood and sell unnatural chemicals that fall far short of the goal of preventive health care. Our society is just beginning to rethink in many places, and our new demands should not stop at food supplements.

In the long term, we at HER ONE will therefore continue to focus exclusively on natural ingredients. Wherever possible, we obtain our raw materials from European or certified organic sources and have our products bottled in Germany.

Likewise, we pay attention to sustainability in our product, shipping as well as packaging. In order to avoid unnecessary (plastic) waste and take it upon ourselves to create even more awareness and education.



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