Hindsait: Aiding Healthcare Get Better with AI

There is a ‘perfect storm’ brewing in the US Healthcare Industry, which is crying out loud for innovative solutions to bend the cost curve and improve the quality of care. There are three distinct elements in the ‘perfect storm’ metaphor in US healthcare; rising cost of healthcare -$3.2 Trillion in 2017 or 16.9% of GDP, the changing business model from Fee for Service (FFS) to Capitated payment model or Value based Care, and Digitalization of US Healthcare- as initiated by Hitech Act in 2009.

Founding members of team Hindsait Inc. saw this ‘Perfect Storm’ scenario both as a huge challenge yet an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to innovate and transform healthcare to make a huge societal impact, which was the guiding motivation for team-Hindsait to come together and transform US Healthcare system for good.

Hindsait is a Delaware incorporated C-Corp. The company’s Artificial Intelligence platform enables payers and benefit managers to improve quality of care and reduce unnecessary health services, human errors, biases, wastages, and frauds.

Hindsait’s brilliance starts with its ability to ingest and translate physicians’ “unstructured free text” in patient charts within a context of clinical guidelines and regulatory requirements. These inputs drive machine learning and predictive analytics in Hindsait’s SaaS Platform that evaluate, score, and flag patient charts for specific actions like ‘Medical Necessity Determinations’ during pre-service as well post service reviews and audits.

The company has pioneered the application of an AI enabled utilization management solution that has been tested and proven with ~5 years of experience covering 20+ Million commercial, exchange, Medicare and Medicaid health-plan lives across USA. Its achievement is wide spread and speaks profoundly of the company’s success.

The Visionary Guardian of Hindsait

Hindsait was established under a visionary entrepreneur, Pinaki Dasgupta, who currently serves as the CEO. His is a passionate advocate, with a vision to transform healthcare, by the way of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. A former Accenture Partner, Pinaki had founded Hindsait in 2013 to prevent unnecessary health services, errors, frauds, wastages, and abuses in US Healthcare systems.

Since 2013, under Pinaki’s leadership, the company’s AI technology has been adopted by leading Fortune 500 healthcare organizations and has drawn strategic investments from GuideWell Innovation/Florida Blue Cross and Blue Shields and the firm has also received multiple accolades and recognitions from the leading analysts, including prestigious Gartner’s “Cool vendor in AI in Healthcare 2017” and “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider 2018” by Healthcare Tech Outlook, among others.

“We are on a mission to transform US Healthcare system by eliminating unnecessary health services, errors, frauds, wastages, and abuses, by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.” asserts Dasgupta.

The team at Hindsait is a group of highly talented multi-disciplinary personnel consisting of Data Scientists, Physicians, Clinicians, Business operators, Technologists that came together to transform Healthcare. This team collectively works towards the company’s vision which is to be the leading AI platform/clinical decision support system that can prevent unnecessary health services, over-utilizations, frauds, errors, abuses, and wastages.

Distinct Services and Products

Hindsait’s AI maximizes the effectiveness of clinical management, payment integrity, fraud and abuse. Listed below are the company’s applications, which are available to its clients as subscription services (SaaS) with the seamless integration of  the clients’ existing systems and workflows: Prior-Authorizations, Payment Integrity Audit, Quality Focused Analytics (HEDIS/STAR), and Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) as a service.

Here is a list of modular AI technology that has been consistently rated highly by industry acclaimed 3rd party analysts, media, and its clients alike:

Robotized Process Automation (RPA) toolsets, which offers the user with Automated Image Enhancement and De-skewing (AIED) algorithms that automatically detect and re-orient/correct de-skewing of images/faxed records and offer image enhancement techniques to addresses issues such as character erosions, dithering, ghosting, etc. Additionally, it allows them to process any input file formats. Further, its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets its customers convert images into text, along with the ability to detect regions with the hand-written-notes and scoring algorithms to measure the quality of output produced by the OCR reader.

Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) Toolsets are top-tier and have been field proven. Its capabilities include uniquely parsing medical records to extract clinical concepts, qualitative or quantitative metrics, lab values, medications (Rx), provider’s names, facilities names, ICD 9/10 codes, CPT procedure codes, and so forth. Other proficiencies include temporal detection can tag the extracted concepts, ICD 9/10 codes, CPT codes with the associated dates of services.. Additionally, its CNLP tool can robustly detect negations to make extraction context-sensitive.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics are the core strengths of Hindsait. These tools help it to address end-to-end business use cases with high ROI solutions to claims processing and care management solutions. The company’s machine-learning and predictive analytics modules have proven to augment human decision-making to adjudicate clinical and administrative decisions more efficiently, demonstrating millions of dollars in additional cost-of-care savings and reductions in average case processing time, enabling enhanced consistency and reliability in decision making.

Its API web services have the ability to tightly integrate with the most workflow solutions for a seamless integration with the processes and workflow.

AI- The Revolutionary Technology

“In such a world, we believe AI will enable Physicians, Clinicians, and other decision-makers in healthcare including Patients to make more informed, consistent, reliable decisions which are grounded on evidence.” asserts Dasgupta. Hindsait’s team believes AI technology is to augment human decision-making and more importantly will enable us to make more consistent and reliable decisions going forward.

Promising Future of Hindsait

Since the very beginning of the company’s journey, Hindsait viewed US healthcare landscape as a major challenge for any startups to make headways, yet with its resilience and zeal Hindsait has always believed that, “This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform healthcare and leave behind your mark in the process!”

“Hence we wake up every day with the same sense of awe and excitement to make a difference.” quotes Dasgupta. The company is currently working on a couple of very exciting game-changing opportunities and distinct product launches in stealth mode. The company will make announcements in due course.

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