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ImagineSoftware: Continuous Innovation for Best-in-Class Revenue Cycle Solutions

Sam Khashman | President & CEO | ImagineSoftware | Revenue Cycle | Insights Care

Revenue cycle management possesses the potential to financially make or break healthcare organizations. In addition to ever-changing policies and regulations, effective billing and collection processes are becoming more important than ever for medical billing companies, practices, and hospitals to stay afloat. Designed as a complete medical billing solution, ImagineSoftware offers the technology needed to capitalize on collections throughout the lifecycle of a medical claim. The company is reinventing revenue cycle management to create a more streamlined and patient-centered experience.

ImagineSoftware is a leading provider of billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications. Offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals, it currently services more than 46,000 physicians across all 50 states. It is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with additional office locations in San Diego, CA and Daytona Beach, FL. The company’s solutions improve financial efficiency, build provider reputation, and ultimately improve the patient payment experience.

A Journey of Innovation

If you can imagine it, they can do it.” A statement proclaimed by one of ImagineSoftware’s first clients that shaped the future of the company. ImagineSoftware was incorporated and launched in 2000 as a workflow and document imaging company. After successfully developing enterprise-wide analysis and financial systems in 2002, the company began to focus on the healthcare IT sector around 2003. Eighteen years later, the goal remains the same: ‘To be the leading healthcare revenue cycle management platform.’

Today, the company has grown to a grand stature. ImagineSoftware was the first mover in the industry after implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) within its product suite to address patient insurance eligibility. Further, it is committed to innovative development and intuitive revenue cycle management solutions, helping clients achieve peak performance and measurable results by streamlining the billing and collections workflow, improving staff productivity and increasing practice profitability.

The Seasoned Leader

Sam Khashman, ImagineSoftware President and CEO, established the company with the vision of workflow-centric computer systems. Khashman leveraged his experience working with high volume transactions in the manufacturing, financial and insurance industries to develop Imagine’s revenue cycle management system. He has spent his career evolving markets with various software solutions and is recognized in the health industry for combining complex processes into efficient, single system solutions. He has an extensive background in systems integration, process efficiency, and imaging systems. With more than two decades of executive leadership positions, he has led the development and commercialization of more than 18 software products which are utilized by thousands of unique users and serve millions of patients.

The Product Suite

ImagineSoftware is built for high-volume and complex medical billing. After years of client feedback, research, and collaboration across numerous specialties, Imagine has developed cutting-edge medical billing software that is both flexible and scalable. It is designed to meet the needs of numerous specialties and helps to streamline the practice management workflow to increase revenue. The products not only offer providers increased collections and better staff productivity, they also ensure a better patient payment experience. Along with providing advanced technology and automation, the company provides seamless connectivity for a fully optimized practice management experience.

Designed as a complete healthcare billing systems and revenue cycle solution, the Imagine software suite of products offer the technologies and tools needed to enhance practice management, capitalizing on collections throughout the entire lifecycle of a claim. With the ImaginePay™ online payment portal and HonorCare® patient payment plan, patients are provided with convenience, affordability, and the freedom to take better control over their medical bills. ImagineAI™, as it is aptly named, allows health providers to gather detailed patient demographics and payor information, while customizing billing messaging based on patients’ ability to pay their medical bills. The system learns and adjusts over time to maximize revenue without compromising compliance.

Tailoring Services to Fit Client Needs

At the heart of ImagineSoftware’s core values is servant leadership. Each clients’ business challenges are unique making the selection of medical billing software a complicated process. To meet the needs of health organizations of all shapes and sizes, ImagineSoftware’s three areas of focus are medical billing solutions that cater to numerous specialties, exceptional implementation, and customer support. Much of ImagineSoftware’s growth over the years can be attributed to its dedication to customers. “We never forget who we work for. Without our clients, we’re just a software company. They are the reason we’re successful, says Khashman.

Honorable Laurels

ImagineSoftware has been named to the 2018 Grant Thornton North Carolina 100® (NC100), which ranks the state’s largest private companies by revenue. Khashman states, “This award reflects our commitment to delivering innovative software solutions to our customers in the healthcare space through our culture of servant leadership.”  In addition, the company holds a place in the Inc.5000 list, the NC Mid-Market Fast 40 list and the Fast 50 list.

The Imagine Family

There’s more to ImagineSoftware than the services and products it provides. It is the family, with all its employees having a significant place. The ImagineSoftware team works together in a transparent environment where all ideas and suggestions are respected. Employees are provided with numerous benefits including free lunches, family and employee social events, recognition awards, and more. This helps create a positive, flexible work-life balance.

ImagineGives, an internal charitable initiative that provides Imagine employees with the opportunity to support their community through volunteering, prioritizes philanthropy for its surrounding communities and people. This was started to make a lasting and positive impact on the people and communities that have supported ImagineSoftware. The company also encourages the spirit of giving by supporting its employees through a matching gifts program.

The firm encourages its employees to grow in their current and future careers with Imagine by offering weekly time for learning and training courses as well as defined paths for positional movement within the organization.

Hand-in-hand with Technologies

With rapid changes in the healthcare industry due to the adoption of innovative technologies, ImagineSoftware has made it a point to stay at pace with these developments. The evolution of AI and machine learning is now a reality and AI is already disrupting various sectors. ImagineSoftware has adopted the technology to revamp the world of healthcare, and endeavors to continue the same. It is transforming the revenue cycle experience to move closer to the notion of patient personalization. Its holistic medical billing and revenue cycle solution has empowered healthcare providers with technology and tools. With this, they can enhance practice management and capitalize on collections throughout the complete lifecycle of a claim from front-end scheduling to back-end reporting.

Endeavors in Care Enhancement

“Healthcare is an industry in need of innovation as health plans, providers, healthcare companies, and the government, are facing rising costs and inconsistent outcomes. All involved are working to improve care and health outcomes, all while reducing costs and spending.  At ImagineSoftware, we pave the way for peak performance in medical billing as we continue our focus on results-driven innovation, asserts the CEO. ImagineSoftware plans to drive its business forward and create new advancements in the industry by understanding client needs and anticipating its next steps. It also foresees the benefits for automation and intelligence in the current healthcare space and far into the future. The company plans to continue to react to the needs of its customers by implementing quality technology to combat ongoing challenges in capturing revenue through payor reimbursements and patient payments.

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