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The Industry Leaders Transforming the Diagnostic Space

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The first step to treating any health condition is diagnosis. If not diagnosed rightly, a patient may not receive the needed effective treatment on time and this can lead to major complications in the future. The significance of correct diagnosis is taught to every medical student from the very start. Today, healthcare is moving towards personalized medicines and correct detection of the ailment is the key to reach there. Although it is very important to focus on this segment of the care industry, only two to three percent of the total healthcare resources are spent on diagnosis, according to a qualified report.

There are few prominent companies that are remarkably transforming the diagnostics industry with their innovative tools, technologies, and techniques and taking us closer to personalized healthcare. In our special issue of “10 Leading Diagnostic Solution Providers 2019”, we have featured top diagnostic companies that have not only enabled correct detection of diseases but have aided in early diagnosis and are contributing largely to the better tomorrow of healthcare.



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