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Intuit Micro: Offering State-of-the-art Software Solutions to Improve Patient Care

Giri Rajan | Founder & CEO | Intuit Micro Technology | Insights Care

Started in 2005 as a value-added distribution company, Intuit Micro Technology, LLC has now grown into a full-blown empire. It is a healthcare IT solution provider and software developer in the Middle East. It aimed at creating intuitive, intelligent, and integrated software for healthcare industry keeping the patient care in mind.

Headquartered in Dubai, today Intuit has expanded its business within the GCC region. Intuit Micro has also established a development office in Chennai and is very soon planning to open an office in KSA. The company envisions to provide an exemplary ecosystem to healthcare professionals and patients so that they can interact smoothly for a better tomorrow.

The Luminary Leading Intuit

Giri Rajan is the Founder and CEO of Intuit Micro. He has spent over ten years developing solutions for the healthcare in the twenty-five years of his experience IT. He is an Electronics and Communication engineer with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Prior to founding Intuit in 2005, Rajan has worked with Apple IMC in the Middle East for nine years. He has been the catalyst to the growth of the firm from a typical IT company to one of the top five healthcare IT companies in the region. He has zeal for technology and is focused on bringing enterprise solutions to the masses at an affordable cost.

Dual Lines of Service

The company has two divisions within Healthcare IT. One of these develops Simplex HIMES that helps clinics, diagnostic centers, and referral labs. Simplex HIMES also covers Patient Management, Medical Records, Decision Support Tools, LAB, Radiology, Pharmacy, Revenue Cycle, Document Management, Inventory, HR Payroll, and Analytics. As a part of patient engagement, the company also has its own patient portal and mobile app.

The second division of Intuit Micro is for the third-party product distribution where it has products like Rimage CD publisher, Rimage patient report publisher, RESMD 0FP, and RADSPA enterprise PACS.

At Intuit, Clients Come First

There are three areas that differentiate Intuit from all its contemporaries. One is its support. It’s one of the best in the region. Intuit Micro has automated systems, policy, and procedures in place to handle any kind of customer queries. Even then, it has made it a point to listen to its clients and work on improving the existing solutions. The company goes one step further in understanding the objectives of its customers instead of simply providing what they ask for or solving their problem.

Another interesting practice at Intuit Micro is that once a company or an individual becomes its customer, they are treated as the part of an extended family. The firm works closely with them and helps them in technical and commercial solutions. This has made the company a preferred partner for its customers. In the last thirteen years of business, Intuit does not have a single customer who was left unsatisfied with the company’s solutions or support.

To add to this, the company’s passionate about studying and adopting technologies and it also understands that the products are used as tools to treat patients. Therefore, it builds products with love and responsibility, making a huge difference in its space.

Life at Intuit

Intuit claims to have one of the most flexible and comfortable work atmospheres in Dubai as well as Chennai. It does not follow the system of hierarchy and has no attendance policy. Every individual at Intuit Micro has only one responsibility- ‘to take care of the customers’. Some of their developers play dual role of being HR manager. This helps them to understand how management decisions are made and can then further explain it to their peers. At Intuit, most of the decision making or policies are automated with guiding principles. “We have only one rule -‘There is no rule as long as the freedom is not exploited’. Our team enjoys the freedom of work and our customers are happy, asserts Rajan.

Optimistic about a Bright Future

Intuit Micro aspires to be the number one choice for HIS in Middle East. The trajectory of its growth is soaring higher every day, and this goal may not be far way. The company is introducing a lot of smart tools and working on AI to ease the burden on physicians and facilities to care for patients and run the business profitably. It is focused on making these tools available to all its customers and will be releasing them without additional cost. Even for the customer bought the software few years back, the company will be providing all the updates and new features within the purchased modules free of cost, as long as they are under the firm’s maintenance. This approach is greatly admired by Intuit Micro’s customers aiding to the company’s current and future growth.



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