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JVS Group: Elevating the Healthcare Industry with Comprehensive Solutions

Mr. Saket Singhi, Founder & Managing Director, JVS Group
Mr. Saket Singhi | Founder & Managing Director | JVS Group

The healthcare industry is steadily advancing, being more effective and efficient while maintaining the highest level of quality and security. Today, patients have become the center for healthcare services in the industry. Organizations, across the industry, are striving to adapt a patient-centric approach to satisfy their needs. Among them, healthcare management software have emerged to play a vital role in the improvement of a patient’s journey.

The healthcare management software assist medical providers to enter and track patient’s information and process respective data accordingly. It helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of a patient’s care. One company which pioneered this clinical software market by developing one of the most integrated healthcare management software is JVS Group.

Over the course of the last 18 years, JVS has established itself as a global leader in the Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records and Hospital Information System market. Today, more than 18,000 physicians are using JVS products and have over 4.5 million registered patients across 45 countries.

A Diverse Range of Solution

Equipped with business intelligence is JVS’ flagship product Softclinic. It is a scalable electronic health records software (EHRs), which caters to entire healthcare delivery eco-system with modules for primary care, general practice, group practice, day-care centers, small to large corporate hospitals, laboratories, radiology centers, and pharmacies. The product helps JVS’ customers to share their data seamlessly.

The company’s medical software solutions have a range of cloud-hosted clinical data management software for interventional cardiology like SoftCath, CardioHealth and JVS-DiComPlus; OncoSoft for oncology and advance clinical modules in SoftClinic for various specialties like endocrinology, neurology, gastroenterology, infertility, Ayurveda, etc.

The company makes one of the most integrated software catering to the needs of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR). These are cloud-ready and integrated with doctor  portal and patient portal apps. They streamline the transmission of health data between physicians and patients. This ultimately results in better patient-care and decision-making.

An Ingenious Mind

Behind JVS’ successful endeavors is its Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Saket Singhi. Saket has a strong ability to incubate and develop new business solutions with big results and minimal investments.

With a broad-based experience in IT product development and marketing, he has coupled his love for technology to his extensive experience running a product-based IT company. Understanding and empathy for the business are the reasons why he stands among other emerging leaders in current times.

When asked about the company’s steady growth in the IT healthcare industry, Saket asserted, “We regularly participate in various international events that discuss the future of healthcare IT to stay relevant and keep us ready for the future. It is a continuous process and we are happy that we have healthcare domain expertise in the DNA of our company.

Overcoming the Challenges

To reach the height of success where JVS is today, it wasn’t without any hurdles. The biggest challenge the company faced was the fast penetration into the market with its distinct products and ideas. Taking the lonely path for more than 10 years, to amass quick growth, the company has continued to work towards the development of the market through provision of innovative and scalable solutions.

Another one of the biggest challenges of JVS was the unregularized market of Healthcare IT in India. As 90% of the global Healthcare IT spending is targeted towards the US, initially its SoftClinic product grew at a slower pace. However, in the past three years, its growth has catapulted off the charts and by the end of 2020, the company expects to double its customer base.

Achieving Milestones along the Way

JVS is proud to be one of the pioneers for developing a market for clinical software in India. Today, the company is considered among the leading product-based IT companies in the Healthcare space. Its established products are helping clients in more than 45 countries everyday.

Since 2007, the company has been an official partner of the Cardiological Society of India. It enables them to successfully run the National Interventional Council (NIC) – Clinical Data Registry. To provide its services for , the solution provider has launched its world pioneering plug and play software with a storage device for interventional cardiology.

Getting Ready for Future

JVS is currently working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and trying to integrate it to make its software more insightful. This will not only ease the process for physicians but also allow them in decision-making through the elimination of medical errors.

In the coming years, the company plans to focus more on the expansion of e-consultation using patient-centric applications and doctors’ portals making healthcare available for everyone who owns a smartphone. JVS is also planning to expand its reach in other parts of Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. with internationally compliant EMR software.

Words of Wisdom

When asked about advice for emerging entrepreneurs, Saket with his valuable words concluded, “The best advice for any health-tech entrepreneur would be to know your interest area first. If you love healthcare and IT, then only you should get into the healthcare-tech industry. However, if you Dare to Dream, then you can certainly observe your surroundings and pursue your dreams. With consistency, you are surely going to become successful.”



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