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In India there are many people in need of organ transplants. Many patients die each year of end stage organ disease because they have no suitable organ donors from their own family. There is a huge need of over 2 lac kidneys and 1 lac livers in India every year. Patients are added to the transplant registry every day. Each second, minute, hour patients die waiting for an organ transplant. Organ Donation cases are growing with each passing day but sadly the number of organ donors is always short.

Although, finding an organ for transplant is not the only obstacle the patients and doctors face. The donor organ should be compatible with the recipient and the expertise and infrastructure to do the transplant efficiently must be available. With the advancement in technology in healthcare and many hospitals taking up these as their own, organ transplant has become more accessible.

We bring you Hospitals who are at the fore front of imparting this service with at most compassion and precision. Our issue “The Leading Organ Transplant Centres for Best Outcomes” highlights various hospitals that are leading the transplant sector, with their varied super specialties.

The Cover we have, Muljibhai Patel Urological Nephrological Hospital, it is a foremost super-specialty hospital providing state-of-the art renal transplant services. It provides outstanding patient care with its unique and compassionate approach towards Urology and Nephrology

Sahyadri Hospitals Ltd. is a chain of super specialty hospitals across the state of Maharashtra; it is one of the leading hospitals providing state-of-the-art organ transplant surgery. KMC Hospital is a multispecialty hospital, which provides state-of-the-art patient care and transplant services. Ruby Hall Clinic is a multispecialty hospital poised to serve patients with best-in-class healthcare services and innovative technology. Apart from these we have also included, Health Care Gobal Entarprices Ltd., Godrej Memorial Hospital, Aravind Eye Hospital, Orange City Hospital and Research Centre, Columbia Asia, and Asian Heart Institute.

We also bring you an expert’s view on a fiery topic namely ‘Back To Normalcy after Bone Marrow Transplantationwritten by Dr. Shrinath Kshirsagar, who  is Hematologist/ Hemato-Oncologist and Stem Cell Transplant Physician. ‘Hepatitis: India’s Approach towards It’ drafted by, Dr. Ravi Mohanka is the Chief Surgeon and Head of Department of Liver Transplant and Hepato-Biliary Surgery at Global Hospitals, Mumbai

Our in house editorial team has also put together interesting articles, on trending topics in the healthcare space.

So, flip through the pages of our magazine and treat yourself with the technological innovations trending in the medical device industry!



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