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MAA ENT Hospital: Redefining Excellence in ENT Care with Vision and Excellence


With world-class technology, a proficient team of doctors, affordable services, and more than three decades of specialization in ENT Care, today, MAA stands as a leading ENT center in India for the treatment of Ear, Nose, Throat, Head, and Neck-related ailments/disorders with over 650+ Cochlear implants and 40K+ ENT-related successful surgeries with a 100% Success Rate. Their State-of-the-art 100-bed facility at the Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, showcases commitment to the quality of care, and their NABH accreditation displays their standards for patient safety.

MAA credits its reputation to its finest surgeon Dr. K R Meghanadh, an Internationally renowned Best E.N.T. Doctor in Hyderabad who has mastered Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Anterior skull base surgery. He is often acclaimed as a miraculous surgeon who has performed thousands of surgeries in his vast experience of more than 35 years in the field of ENT. He has organized innumerable workshops and conferences at international, national, and regional levels. On this doctor’s day, let us know what this phenomenal doctor has to say about ENT.

What made you choose ENT in the first place and what is the driving factor that pushed you to this extent?

It was the words of Sushrutha (Father of Surgery) that inspired me in the first place toward the line of medicine. She said that the profession of a doctor is very noble and only in this field, the customer truly feels indebted, which is a strong motivating factor for me. And while I was working at the beginning of my career, I observed almost 40% of human sufferings related to ENT, which made me keen on this field, and easing their suffering has been the driving factor ever since.

We heard that there is no failure whatsoever for you when it comes to surgeries. What is the secret behind your success, especially regarding snoring-related surgeries, cochlear implantations, and sinus-related surgeries?

Success is a wide term and there can be a lot of definitions to it. I believe that the crucial factor in ENT is to have consistent follow-ups. When a patient is treated or surgery is done successfully, it will not be the end. The patient has to take his medications properly to avoid further complications and for that periodical follow-ups are crucial. Most of the time, because of improper maintenance, some complications may arise which in turn leads to another surgery. If we have avoided such unnecessary surgeries with proper follow-ups, I think of it as my success. And when it comes to snoring-related surgeries, cochlear implantations, and sinus-related surgeries, I am blessed with a great team at MAA Hospitals. Every member of the team is extremely crucial in surgeries and at MAA we house a phenomenal team and that teamwork is the major reason for the success you are talking about. Over and above, I thank any patients who followed my advice religiously.

What inspires you to wake up in the morning? What is your take-home as a doctor, as a surgeon?

To see the smiles on the faces of my patients, and to see happiness in their families makes me think that I have made a difference. That is the reason why I do what I do. Relief to my patients gives me energy at the tail end of the day also.

Being a director of MAA ENT Hospitals, have you ever thought that MAA is going to be this huge with so many successful cases and successful branches all across?

In the initial stages, we used to work with many corporate hospitals. Those were the days when ENT is not given the prominence and priority it deserves, which made us think that we should start our own ENT Care with world-class sophistication. We know the value and significance of this craft and we have moved mountains to bring the finest infrastructure and dedicated personnel to our hospital. In every step we took, our passion fuelled us and our results are what brought us this far. I am extremely happy to see where MAA stands now and I take pride in saying that we are a super-specialized ENT Care with the highest success rate.

As an ENT specialist, what are the changes you wish to see in the near future in the medical field?

As an ENT specialist and a head & neck surgeon, I would like budding doctors and surgeons to understand that ENT is a vital department and to realize that it has an enormous scope. In India, there is a huge necessity for proper ENT care and there is a huge demand for good ENT specialists. So, I wish to see those needs met and to see the ENT sector prioritized. Apart from that, what I feel in my heart is that the entire medical fraternity needs to be ethical. Medical care is a godly service and it should never be commercialized.

There is no brand known for just ENT Care but MAA Hospitals is often referred to as MAA ENT Hospitals. MAA has a reputation for being synonymous with ENT Care. How do you feel about that?

I feel extraordinary. MAA always stands for motherly care. We started as MAA Hospitals and it was our reputation that made us MAA ENT Hospitals, which I think is something the patients and the public awarded us with. To receive such love from them is truly a moving experience.

With an extraordinary amount of experience and accolades in this field, do you still think that there is something new to explore in ENT?

Yes. Definitely and undoubtedly a yes. With the advancements in the medical field and the technical upgrades in the departments, it is demanded that we should stay as constant learners. We are in an age where artificial intelligence is having brilliant breakthroughs, particularly in instrumentation, so we should stay updated in all sectors to provide a better service.

Do you consider your experience and your lifestyle stressful and if so, how do you cope with it?

No, I do not feel stressed about my lifestyle and the reason is I believe and it is a universal truth that if we are doing something we enjoy, then no amount of work would stress us out. So, that should answer your question. To elaborate in simple words, my lifestyle is quite simple. I make it a point to come in the morning, leave in the evening and make sure all my patients are promptly attended to, at least once a day before I leave the hospital. When you are passionate about what you do, it drives you in a stress-free and hassle-free direction.

Where is MAA heading in the future? What are the plans and at what stage are those?

As of now, we are going in a positive direction about what we envisioned. We have performed numerous surgeries and have the highest success rate. But we also believe that there is a lot yet to be done in this sector. With proper infrastructure, there will be a huge spike in the success rate and a lot of patients will be attended and their suffering can be eased. So, we are looking for more collaborations to make that possible.



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