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Major Tech Giants Joined Hands to Launch AssureHealth Platform


AssureHealth Platform

As per recent reports, the major global IT company has come into a partnership with another tech giant to launch a worldwide healthcare platform. The press release of Wipro Limited has apparently stated that the Global Information Technology, Consulting, and Outsourcing Business of the company, Wipro Technologies has launched the Wipro AssureHealth platform in an alliance with Microsoft.

The Bangalore-based multinational corporation mentioned in their statement that this healthcare platform had been developed with a motive to aid healthcare providers to deliver innovative solutions for remote fetal monitoring and cardiac care that aims to ensure high-quality treatment at a much-reduced expense, especially for chronic diseases.

The press release clearly stated about the solutions that this remote fetal monitoring service would provide and they are measuring actual recordings of maternal, fetal heart rate and uterine activities from the mother and sending it to the physician looking after the patient, thereby enhancing better healthcare. The company is offering monitors in small wearable devices that provide beltless monitoring of the expectant mother and the baby inside the womb. The wearable can be used for both antenatal care and during active labor or delivery.

The cardiac solution offered by Wipro AssureHealth software platform delivers connected wearables, non-obtrusive, ambulatory and ECG data. This solution is built to help cardiologists to keep a broad eye on the patients with angina, myocardial infarction, post cardiac procedures such as a stent, pacemaker, and bypass and also critical cases like cardiac failures and that too from anywhere in the world through their smartphone or tablets.

This new, unique and extraordinary healthcare platform is expected to leverage the tech giant Microsoft’s Cloud, Mobility and Analytics offerings to enable care providers to monitor patients regularly and precisely. The Press Release mentioned, “This is done through hosted services and mobile apps that integrate medical devices, IT Infrastructure and 24/7 customer support, to deliver highly scalable solutions. This is a value based service aimed at revolutionizing user experience like never before.”

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