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Mark Bossert: Public Speaking is Key for Wellbeing

Mark Bossert

Well-being is a quality that defines a core value in life and in many success stories. To fully express oneself through speaking with others in a genuine manner, even in public speaking, is a key aspect of well-being and life.

To be fully self-expressed while speaking, to be fully and genuinely seen, exactly as you are brings a level of confidence, ease, and comfort that we recognize immediately. On the other hand, to be repressed, afraid, or even anxious to verbally share with others our thoughts and values have many detrimental health effects.

Is it out of the question to think that by holding your deeply held feelings in, that the resulting mental, emotional and physical stress is harmful to your wellbeing? Yet research using FMRI (functional magnetic resonance scans) has shown that speaking out, sharing our thoughts with others relieves stress!

Speaking up under pressure, when we feel it counts, is not usually something that we have practiced. Generally, we feel more anxiety, fear and butterflies when those situations inevitably appear in our lives. If we turn away from those opportunities to speak out because of the fear, we tend to regret not taking the opportunity. This leads to even more stress, mental rumination and negative self-talk which has a further detrimental effect on our wellbeing. Being able to practice speaking under pressure, in a fun, supportive environment with accurate feedback makes becoming a confident, good speaker easy and quick.

Mark Bossert understands the importance of speaking up, of being willing to be fully seen speaking and in Public Speaking. His journey from being introverted, repressed, and embarrassed by public speaking to an International Public Speaking Coach at Remarkable Speaking informs all of his coachings. He has over 45 years of experience in coaching and sales, as well as 3 years experience of in coaching and speaking to people in the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Mark has expanded his reach through the internet to more people across the Middle East, Africa, and South American Destinations.

His expertise has been a result of great skills in; Coaching & Mentoring, and Public Speaking. You would not be surprised, if you heard that Mark is an expert in coaching and sales.

  • Authenticity: The Tool of Excellence In Public Speaking

Mark is a master communicator, and an experienced coach, with multiple coaching certifications: Ultra-speaking Coach, Generative Change Practitioner Coach, Core Belief Change Trainer, NLP Coach and Master Practitioner in NLP from NLP University.   

  • Public Speaking for Corporate Leaders, Technical and Non-technical

As an International Public Speaking Coach, he is dedicated to help businesses, leaders, technology professionals including software engineers become confident dynamic speakers in 6 weeks or less. Taking you through the axis of Public Speaking skill development, practice and precise feedback.





At Remarkable Speaking Mark Bossert, and Shelley Goldstein, exceptional public speaking coaches believe that; Experiential learning through games is the fastest way to build confidence speaking. Mark’s gig is public speaking coach. Decades experience in coaching, and teaching means you get accurate feedback that moves you forward quick as a speaker.

A game-changer for your advancement in the workplace. Speaking life into tough situations, including your mental health. Be it at events, in-person, or presenting. You are invited to join the world of public speaking, where only experienced experts who are willing to help you Renew and Recharge your life are waiting; Mark will lead the way.     

  • Your words and self-expression heal health issues, before they become critical –

He will listen to understand your actual concern, and speak into the real situation. Also, proffer solutions when it is required. You will learn how to eliminate frustrations, stress, mental fatigue, and fears, and learn new ways to de-stress, relax, and adopt a purpose-driven mindset. You will consider yourself lucky to have access to time with Mark.

Mark Bossert



  • Who Is Mark Bossert?

Blissfully married 40 years, father, grandfather and son; wide experience in business and entrepreneurship; multi certified in NLP/ hypnosis, conversational hypnosis/persuasion and Trainer in Core Belief Change.

  • What You Learn from Mark Bossert:
    • Ability to speak well in all situations.
    • Boosting your confidence to always deliver authenticity.
    • How to develop a profound trust and connection with yourself and connection with your audience.

How can Remarkable Speaking Company help you?      

  • Live Challenge Training on Public Speaking: While we understand that public speaking can be either energizing or scary. At Remarkable Speaking we offer coaching and courses that give you challenges, games, speaking repetition under pressure that is amazingly effective!
  • Confidence Packed 6 Weeks Course: Our basic course takes you from wherever you are, to much better at speaking and vastly more CONFIDENT in just 6 weeks. 6 hours!
  • Pressure Management In Public Speaking: Imagine being able to deliver your presentation or speech under pressure confidently, clearly, no matter who is in the room or how many people are there or on the Zoom call.
  • Change Management In Public Speaking: Imagine being able to deal with unexpected questions. Be able to adapt instantly to sudden changes.
  • How to Practice Self-compassion In Failed Presentation: Imagine being able to recover from messing up or deliver at a moment’s notice with full confidence that you will be real, vulnerable, personable, and dynamic.

That is what they practice every day at Remarkable Speaking. The door is open to everyone and you are welcome to Check it out. See if it fits!


  • Internet Marketing Certificate by Simon Fraser University
  • Minimum Viable Video Certificate by Actionworks

The Minimum Viable Video certificate verifies that the holder has completed the 5-week Minimum Viable Video cohort-based course.

The holder has completed 25 hours of coursework and 10 hours of on-camera video assignments covering the following topics:        

  • Camera Confidence: psychology, vocal training, feedback principles, on-camera delivery
  • Production: home studio setup, audio capture, lighting, editing, b-roll, music
  • Storytelling and Content: hooks, titling, visual storytelling, YouTube story structures
  • Audience Building: titles, thumbnails, publishing, newsletters, subtitles, repurposing, live interviews
  • Systems and Productivity for Video Creators: content calendars, strategic planning, outsourcing

Video Interview with Insights Care by MARK BOSSERT

Public Speaking for Wellbeing Part 1:

  1. At Remarkable Speaking, we believe that there’s something very important about being expressed. About being self-expressed, at not being repressed. When we’re so afraid of expressing ourselves, of always holding ourselves back, of always keeping our lips pressed together and not sharing our truth.
  2. There’s a price to be paid in our body, in our being, in our emotional health, in our mental health. That’s just not good for us. We need to express ourselves. And that perhaps is one of the important things that’s so key to being a good public speaker.
  3. It doesn’t mean you’re on stage. Doesn’t mean that you’re a performer, a professional. Means you’re able to speak up and share your ideas, share what matters to you with the people you care about. Whether that’s at your job, whether that’s with your friends, whether that’s with your family.
  4. Public speaking, and being able to overcome that fear, that reticence, that block, is really important for your health and wellbeing.

Public Speaking for wellbeing Part 2:

  1. So, let’s define public speaking, because what I’ve noticed is people think it’s speaking in front of an audience on stage. And the truth is, whenever you’re speaking to anyone else that’s public speaking. Reframe it for yourself.
  2. So where are you holding back? Is it with that person who you would really like to say hi to in the supermarket or when you’re walking? Is it you’re afraid, you’re not able to speak the way you would really like to when there’s four or five of your friends together, and you’re holding back. How about at work? It might not be in that team meeting. It might just be in the lunchroom with that person who you’d like to meet and talk to, or reach out to. Or in the elevator or, or on the plane, et cetera.
  3. All the places where we hold ourselves back from connecting, from communing with another human being, which is what communication and speaking is all about. That’s the stuff that we repress that causes long-term health effects. The shorter-term mental effects.
  4. Is it crazy to think that if you are ruminating, going over and over, I could have said this. I could have said that. I could have done this, after the fact, that you haven’t put the practice in of actually taking that step, of speaking to another human being and saying what you feel, what’s important to you, what you care about.
  5. My experience has been that when I finally did that, it’s so freeing. After a lifetime of being repressed or of exploding because I had held stuff in for so long. Which is definitely not good. It’s more, this feels so good and I know it’s good for my body cuz it feels good in my body to be able to speak to other human beings about what I care about. And they don’t have to agree. I have no guarantee on that. But it’s just good to be able to be self-expressed in front of other humans.



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