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Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness: Reviving Rest in a Busy World

Jeffrey Haddad D.D.S | CEO | Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness
Jeffrey Haddad D.D.S | CEO | Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness

Ensuring sound sleep is vital for optimal functioning, yet modern lifestyles often disrupt this crucial rest. This can lead to various sleep disorders, including the disruptive condition known as sleep apnea, characterized by interrupted breathing during sleep. Seeking professional assistance is imperative for recovery.

The Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness initially aimed to aid fellow medical professionals with patients suffering from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) and sleep issues. Dr. Jeffrey Haddad, CEO of the organization, has been an expert in treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients since 2004. He recognized a significant underservice in this area. In 2014, a prominent medical group, Unasource Healthcare, approached him to help patients seeking alternatives to CPAP machines, which many found intolerable.

Given the substantial population struggling with sleep and breathing disorders, there arose a need to identify and treat more individuals in need. Initially, consultations were held at Unasource twice a month, rapidly escalating to every Friday. Within six months, they were present on both Mondays and Fridays. This process illuminated the sheer number of patients requiring assistance and highlighted the significant underservice in the sleep-breathing disorder patient demographic.

This realization prompted the establishment of their dedicated center. It became evident that a specialized facility was necessary to effectively address these disorders, providing the necessary support for individuals to regain their health and well-being.

Our conversation with Dr. Haddad revealed insightful details on Michigan Center’s journey from inception to a premier TMJ and sleep disorder center in the Midwest:

Embarking on an Inspirational Journey

Dr. Jeffrey graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School in 2001 and almost immediately began treating patients suffering from TMJ-disordered symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, migraines, ear pain and congestion, tinnitus, vertigo, and neck pain. When reflecting on his early professional days, Dr. Jeffrey articulates, “It was a passion of mine from the very beginning of my career because I was truly changing people’s lives. At the time, dentists were aware of sleep breathing disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea. However, we did not realize how important our role was in this life-threatening condition.”

Additionally, the extensive co-occurrence of patients suffering from both TMD and sleep apnea was not fully understood at that time. In 2004, Dr. Jeffrey’s practice received specialized training in techniques and approaches for crafting customized oral appliances tailored for obstructive sleep apnea patients. His office was one of the first offices in the state of Michigan to treat sleep breathing disorders predictably and effectively and has exponentially grown in this arena helping hundreds of people with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. This is why the Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness was founded.

Mission, Vision, and Core values

The Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness was founded on a foundation of core values, including a commitment to relationships, empathy, education, and honesty, as well as a dedication to patient success and empowerment.

Their mission is to make a positive impact on and enhance the lives of as many individuals as they can.

Their vision is to attain recognition for providing the utmost level of technology and expertise in the realm of advanced treatment for TMJ and Sleep Breathing Disorders.

Michigan Center’s Strategies to Treat Sleep Disorders Effectively

Sleep apnea, a serious disorder where breathing repeatedly stops during sleep, can have severe health implications. The condition can lead to increased blood pressure, heart rate, and heightened risks of heart attack and stroke. Sleep apnea is also linked to diabetes, heart disease, and gastric reflux. One dangerous side effect is hypoxia burden, where the body doesn’t receive enough oxygen. The disorder often goes unnoticed, emphasizing the importance of recognizing symptoms and seeking testing.

The Michigan Center specializes in treating snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and other sleep-breathing disorders through a unique approach. They stand out as the only practice in Michigan employing techniques like muscle relaxation, computerized jaw tracking, and facial muscle measurement to determine the optimal jaw position for sleep appliances. This TMJ Precision Approach™ sets them apart, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep and effectively addressing snoring and sleep apnea.

Dr. Haddad, an internationally recognized expert, employs state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience to provide patients with top-tier treatment and innovative sleep appliances. Their advanced techniques not only minimize potential aggravation of TMJ symptoms but often provide relief, particularly for patients experiencing headaches, jaw pain, and ear symptoms.

Recognizing that 52% of patients with sleep breathing disorders also exhibit TMJ symptoms, the center’s approach takes extra care in making sleep appliances. This minimizes potential discomfort and even alleviates symptoms, particularly in cases of headaches, jaw pain, and ear issues.

The most common treatment for OSA is the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) system. However, compliance can be as low as 29% due to its bulkiness and discomfort. The Michigan Center offers a highly customized sleep appliance with a 90% compliance rate, providing a comfortable, non-intrusive alternative that effectively opens the airways, reduces snoring, and improves overall sleep quality. This appliance is especially beneficial for non-compliant CPAP users and is much more convenient for travel.

Patient’s Treatment Journey: From Snoring to Sound Sleep

At the Michigan Center, a crucial step in a patient’s journey involves obtaining a formal diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Talking further about it, Dr. Haddad highlights, “Many patients discover our practice based on our reputation for top-tier snoring and OSA treatment in Michigan. When patients reach out to our office, it’s often because they’ve been alerted to their snoring by their partners or suspect they have sleep-related issues.” However, a proper diagnosis of a sleep breathing disorder necessitates a formal PSG or home sleep study, evaluated by a board-certified sleep physician. The Michigan Center ensures a smooth and efficient process for a home sleep test (HST) for all patients. It’s as straightforward as emailing a copy of their driver’s license and medical insurance card, after which the office manages the rest. Their preferred sleep partner,, directly contacts the patient to provide information on the process and any associated out-of-pocket expenses. Subsequently, they dispatch a two-night sleep monitor to the patient’s residence. After completing the HST, the Center obtains a precise diagnosis, categorizing the severity of sleep apnea.

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, along with the patient’s medical insurance details, they can proceed with scheduling the fitting of their custom muscle diagnostic mandibular advancement device (MAD). The Center’s streamlined approach alleviates any financial concerns that patients may encounter during their journey at the office. Recognizing the prevalence of financial barriers in both medical and dental realms, the patient is informed of their exact financial responsibility before consenting to the home sleep study. If they choose not to proceed with the study, they can halt the process. Similarly, after receiving the results of the home sleep study, the patient is notified of their precise out-of-pocket expenses, presented with a comprehensive explanation of the entire process, and furnished with all necessary information to move forward with their tailored sleep appliance. The practice places emphasis on educating patients about their philosophy, techniques, processes, and financial responsibilities, enabling them to make the most informed health decisions for themselves.

Optimal Patient Care

“Over the past 20 years, the Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness has built a network of the top medical doctors in the area to provide their patients with the best comprehensive care possible,” states Dr. Haddad. According to him, this includes collaborating closely with primary care physicians, internists, cardiologists, ENT physicians, neurologists, sleep physicians, and oral surgeons. These trusted healthcare providers frequently refer their patients to the Michigan Center for Home Sleep Studies to diagnose sleep breathing disorders and for treatment, if they already have sleep apnea. Many patients are unable to tolerate CPAP therapy, prompting sleep physicians to recommend our customized oral sleep appliances, which boast an impressive 90% success rate in addition to being exceptionally comfortable.

Dr. Haddad, recognizing the effectiveness of the treatment, personally uses a customized oral sleep appliance for his mild OSA. There are instances when patients may benefit from being referred to other medical experts to reach their optimal level of health. For those diagnosed with severe OSA through home sleep study results, CPAP therapy is often the recommended course of action. In cases where patients express concerns about CPAP therapy, such as feelings of claustrophobia or lifestyle preferences, the center provides them with a customized oral sleep appliance tailored to treat their condition.

Recent research underscores the superiority of a properly crafted oral sleep appliance over CPAP therapy for cases of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, as it demonstrates better compliance and fewer long-term side effects. Patients with nasal breathing difficulties or other nasal issues may require collaborative treatment with an ENT specialist, emphasizing the importance of working together with local healthcare providers. Ultimately, the Michigan Center’s primary objective is to maximize patient success, aligning with one of their core company values.

A Unique Approach to Sleep Care

Michigan Center approaches the treatment of Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and other sleep breathing disorders differently from many doctors nationwide. They distinguish themselves by employing techniques such as muscle relaxation, computerized jaw tracking, and facial muscle measurement to find the optimal jaw position for sleep appliances. This not only addresses snoring and sleep apnea but also ensures a more comfortable muscular position for the patient, leading to a healthier night’s sleep. Their use of computerized jaw tracking and muscle diagnostic technology sets them apart in Michigan, providing patients with cutting-edge OSA treatment. Dr. Haddad, an authority in this method, shares his expertise internationally. With this technology and Dr. Haddad’s proficiency, patients receive top-tier treatment and the most advanced sleep appliance for their sleep apnea.

Challenges in Treatment

The three main reasons patients often avoid seeking medical treatment for snoring or sleep apnea are time, money, and fear. At the Michigan Center, their aim is to eliminate these barriers, ensuring patients have access to the transformative treatment they need. The center places great value on patients’ time, minimizing the need for physical visits until all necessary information about medical insurance, home sleep testing, and costs is gathered. This empowers patients to make informed decisions about their health.

Furthermore, close collaboration with most medical insurance providers helps keep out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. Contrary to common belief, wearing a cumbersome CPAP mask is not the sole solution for snoring or sleep apnea. Recent studies highlight that a properly fitted oral sleep appliance is the primary treatment for mild and moderate obstructive sleep apnea. These appliances also prove highly effective for severe cases when patients struggle with or opt out of CPAP therapy.

By addressing these obstacles, the Michigan Center enables more individuals to overcome their sleep breathing disorders, supporting them in achieving the healthy lifestyle they rightfully deserve.

Transforming Lives by Improving Health, Relationships and Well-being

Many of Dr. Haddad’s patients express their gratitude on a daily basis, often stating, “Dr. Haddad, you changed my life!” They find renewed energy to engage with their children and maintain regular exercise routines without feeling drained. For some, the sentiment is even stronger: “Dr. Haddad, you saved my life!” These individuals now have their blood pressure and diabetes in check, enabling them to pursue healthier, more active lifestyles, shedding those extra pounds they’ve struggled with.

Another common remark in Dr. Haddad’s practice is, “Dr. Haddad, you saved my marriage!” This statement holds immense significance. When couples begin sleeping separately due to snoring or sleep apnea, it can strain their relationship and dissolve their intimacy. Dr. Haddad and his team offer proven solutions to address these issues. Their aim is not only to improve overall health but also to nurture the well-being of marriages.

Dr. Haddad offers some valuable advice for those who want to follow in his footsteps:

“Be passionate. Be empathetic. Have compassion. And realize that what you are doing for these patients is life-changing.”



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