Most Promising Pain Management Solution Providers in 2023

Artelo Biosciences: Using Cutting-Edge Science with Lipid-Signaling Modulation to Improve Treating People with Cancer
A challenge while delivering care is assisting patients with both acute and chronic pain management. Particularly so for people living with cancer. The initial stage of treating any disease or ailment is diagnosing the cause and treating it with appropriate interventions, including drugs or varied therapeutic...

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Gregory D. Gorgas | CEO & President | Kipuwex
Kipuwex Ltd.: Revolutionizing the Telehealth Industry with a Patient-Centric Approach
Patients who face communication adversities, such as young children, people with mental illnesses and...
Matt Wordley | CEO | Rescape
Rescape Innovation Limited: Reducing Pain and Anxiety Through Virtual Reality
In several healthcare specialisms, doctors and caregivers are often puzzled about the best way to help...
Allan Stephan | Co-founder and CEO | Soovu Labs
Soovu Labs, Inc.: Relieving Pain Through an Innovative Heat Delivery Approach
The old wives’ tale of taking out hot water bottles to reduce body pain has some truth in it. And science...
Nen Evidence-Based Solution
Nen Evidence-Based Solution S.L.U.

A Pain Management Solution, Designed for Kids Fighting Cancer

Pediatric cancer is a global problem that children and their families struggle with. Almost 500,00 children...