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Navia Life Care: Driving Healthcare Providers Forward Through Innovative Technologies

Kunal Kishore Dhawan | Co-founder | Gaurav Gupta | Co-founder | Navia Life Care | Healthcare | Insights Care

Technology has the potential to change the landscape of healthcare services if utilized innovatively. AI, Robotics, and Big Data have already made big inroads in the healthcare vertical. In-fact healthcare providers need a solution that can move their businesses in a positive curve.

New Delhi-based Navia Life Care is one of the frontrunners when it comes to innovation and disruption. Its mission is to empower healthcare providers all over the world through digital tools for effective patient and provider engagement.

This trailblazing health tech company has crafted a niche in the market by inventing effective and customized digital tools for the healthcare providers. Its solutions assist healthcare stakeholders to achieve greater patient engagement and also assist in building robust patient-provider relationships. The company works with medical providers, including clinics, hospitals, medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, and even insurance companies. Their focus always remains on developing innovative solutions that directly impact patient health outcomes through the areas of patient compliance, monitoring, communication, and engagement. It provides wide range of healthcare solutions like clinical management systems, patient engagement platforms, and provider- and patient-facing mobile applications, all targeted to improve the relationship between patient and the provider.

The Beginning

The novel idea to start Navia Life Care came in 2015, when its founders quit their jobs in thirst of crafting something unique that can refurbish the face of healthcare industry in India. Following their inner voices, the founders came up with their first product- Navia: health manager, which helped patients by acting as a pill reminder system. Further, work was done on the same app to come up with a complete health management system, consisting of scheduling, messaging, vitals, etc.

After encountering the visible gap between the two most important pillars of healthcare i.e. the hospitals and patients, the company shifted its gears towards building solutions for hospitals to build and maintain a healthy and endearing relationship with patients. The interesting thing, which company had encountered, was the realization that hospitals in the Indian market do not use technology or any digital tools to build relationships with their patients. Even in the cases where technology was being used, it was limited to legacy systems, patient log keeping, and basic processes. It encouraged them to build something to explore the hospital space in greater detail. Thus Navia SMART was born – a platform for medical providers to leverage technology to build, maintain, and improve relationships with their patients.

The platform since then continuously improved; with greater focus on utilizing data analytics to provide insights and knowledge back to the customers, along with implementing Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. The company made customers more aware and provided them with greater ease-of-use.

“Moving forward, we see a lot of work being done in the areas of analytics, insights, knowledge, along with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice-to-text,” stated the company. “As for the customer segments, we are strongly encouraged by the response we have received to our product by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies – with a focus on patient and physician engagement, healthcare information access, and education.”

The Flagship Product

Navia SMART, an enterprise PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) offering, is the flagship product of the company, which is the acronym for Secure, Modular, Adaptable, Responsive, Technology. This leading-edge solution empowers healthcare providers to address some of the vital challenges of their day-to-day operations in a lucid and hassle-free manner. Interestingly, the company provides targeted solutions for patient management, retention, scheduling, communication, education, etc., which effectively fulfills the customer requirements. Moreover, its mobile app allows patients to take and manage their appointments, track prescriptions, vitals, medicines, investigations, etc., along with receiving high quality educational content, tele-consultations, queue management, video consultations, billing, events calendar, etc.

Navia SMART offers different roles for different types of users. For a hospital or clinic, it adds value in maintaining processes, improves communication among users/stakeholders, maintains electronic health records, regulates patient flow, and greatly adds to provider branding and marketing. However, for a pharmaceutical company, it becomes a direct communication channel between both, patients and physicians. Through the effective use of content marketing, patient engagement, and physician education, the company is able to occupy mind space of all relevant stakeholders. Moreover, health insurers are increasingly looking at technology as the next frontier to solve problems of access, education, and innovation. Its platform empowers them to access large uninsured population, create customized and affordably priced insurance products, find ease of use in claims processing, and gamify the entire process for the patient.

Some Effective Case-studies

Navia Life Care uses modern technologies like AI to improve patient’s outcome, healthcare quality, and patient’s loyalty towards providers. There are many test cases which truly proves the effectiveness of Navia Life Care’s products. For example, a patient recently diagnosed with hypertension, now the patient needs to be counseled for about 45 minutes on the management of the disease, the diet they need, etc. The company knows that hospitals do not have enough time or bandwidth for the same, so they designed this product which does all these tasks automatically and provides a great relief to the patients.

In another test case, when an expecting mother learnt about her pregnancy, she started worrying about how to manage her life for the next nine months. She was relieved after using Navia SMART, due to its effectiveness in providing day-by-day outlook of what to expect, key precautions to take, when to visit her doctor, and so on that too in a simple manner.

Moreover, the company offers products in areas of dermatology, orthopedics, diabetes, etc. Due to their high effectiveness, its products are gaining appreciations and wide acceptance among the patient and doctor community all across the world. Today, the company has tie-ups with twenty four hospitals, one leading diagnostic provider, one pharmaceutical company, and 120 doctors, who assist a mammoth 80,000 patients through the platform and improving the way people, receive treatment.

Torchbearers of Navia Life Care

This company is the realization of dreams of three young leaders- Kunal Kishore Dhawan, Gaurav Gupta, and Shourjo Banerjee, who are also its founders. This dynamic trio laid the foundation of Navia Life Care in 2016 and since then continues to inspire its employees and driving this esteemed organization towards the path of success. All of them come from a good academic background and have a proven track record of corporate work success.

Kunal holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, and Bachelors in Biochemistry from University of Delhi. He also successfully completed the Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Medical School. He has worked in the healthcare and life sciences industry for the last 8 years, with stints at Fresenius Kabi (Pharma), PwC Consulting, Abbott Healthcare, Ranbaxy Pharma, GSK, and even at a VC firm based in Pittsburgh, in global markets – US, Europe, and India.

Gaurav Gupta is an MBA from Indian School of Business and a Biotech Engineer from NSIT, Delhi. He has had extensive experience in running clean-tech, chemical, and social impact businesses, and specializes in Strategy, Business Development, and Marketing.

Shourjo is a Computer Science Engineer from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, who has gained vital experience as Software Engineer at Freescale Semiconductors. He is a tech savvy person who even has a patent on network architecture to his name.

Road Ahead

The company believes that this industry holds immense promise in the future and there are so many challenges as even hundreds of startups come up with solution, even then also everyone can flourish in their own space. “We are developing some very interesting products for the industry – we are coming up with a virtual assistant for doctors that can help doctors in their prescription writing, quick access to patient information, and communication with various stakeholders,” stated the company. “Also, we are developing a recommendation engine for physicians and patients, such that based on the disease area of the patient, the ideal hospital for the patient would be recommended.”



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