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NEOVIVA: Redefining Recovery Through Compassion and Innovation


Addiction treatment centers play a crucial role in offering diverse strategies to tackle the challenges of addiction. Guiding individuals through the complicated path to recovery, these centers provide essential assistance and support every step of the way. Among them, NEOVIVA stands out not just as a treatment facility but as a progressive institution that transcends conventional norms.

Led by Oliver Neubert, a visionary in the field of addiction treatment, NEOVIVA represents a boutique rehab clinic nestled in the serene landscapes of Switzerland. Oliver, armed with an MSc in Addiction Studies from King’s College London and a PGcert in Addiction Psychology & Counselling, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organization. His commitment extends beyond academic qualifications, with substantial research contributions to the field of addiction and related topics.

What sets NEOVIVA apart is its holistic approach that delves into the core of substance-related challenges. As a fully licensed medical institution, NEOVIVA goes beyond the basic aspects of substance use, embracing a philosophy that spans medical, psychological, and social dimensions. The unique addition of a “philosophical” element, navigating the complex interdependence of a healthy mind and body, sets NEOVIVA apart from traditional bio-psycho-social models prevalent in many treatment centers.

Unlike other treatment centers, NEOVIVA does not restrict the use of digital devices, except during sessions and meal times, or if their use is problematic for the client’s wellbeing. The organization’s executive program further distinguishes itself by allowing clients to balance work obligations seamlessly with their recovery journey.

Backed by proven clinical leadership, the treatment offered is rooted in practical experience and effectiveness, providing an elaborate response to the complexities of addiction.

In our quest to explore the Best Addiction Recovery Centers, our journey led us to NEOVIVA. In a conversation with Oliver, we unravel the layers of their distinctive methodology.

Dive into the below excerpts to know how NEOVIVA is leading the way in recovery and redefining the landscape of addiction treatment with its forward-thinking approach.

Standing Out Among Addiction Recovery Centers

Oliver Neubert, with over 35 years of personal recovery from addiction, is not just driven by his own experiences but also by a deep passion for science and research. His genuine desire to assist those grappling with substance use disorder led to the establishment of NEOVIVA. Drawing insights from extensive research on global best practices in clinics and rehabilitation centers, Oliver sought to address a widely acknowledged challenge: while individuals often experience improvement within a heavily controlled treatment setting devoid of any triggers, they usually struggle to maintain their recovery once outside.

NEOVIVA’s residential setting, located within a private section of a public hotel, reflects real-life scenarios where clients confront triggers like social gatherings or alcohol consumption. Thus, unlike the pitfalls of a confined “treatment bubble,” NEOVIVA exposes clients to triggers under the protective care of experienced staff, preventing quick relapses upon returning home.

Recognizing the importance of long-term support, Oliver delved into longitudinal scientific data, supported by personal connections within the recovery community. This understanding became the cornerstone of NEOVIVA’s philosophy, pledging to accompany clients throughout their recovery journey. The NEOVIVA-signature program stands out with its commitment to 7+ months of continuing care, an integral aspect often overlooked by other facilities. Unlike conventional practices, NEOVIVA prioritizes the continuity of the client-key therapist relationship, strengthening the bond established during the on-site stay.

Given the ongoing nature of recovery, clients are always welcomed back to NEOVIVA for refresher on-site treatments. Many have embraced this opportunity, proactively recommitting to their recovery journey before nearing the risk of relapse.

Oliver emphasizes, “For most treatment providers, their duty of care – or interest in the client’s wellbeing – ends when the client leaves their facility and if they don’t pay more, they don’t get more. For us, the relationship with our clients never ends. At NEOVIVA, our commitment does not conclude after their on-site stay. Recognizing the pervasive influence of addiction on all areas of our lives, we understand that healing is a long-term, multifaceted process and we consider continuing care imperative for sustainable results.”

Belief in the Recovery Potential of Every Individual

The team at NEOVIVA holds a strong belief: even the most seemingly hopeless cases can find a path to recovery. This conviction is deeply rooted in personal experiences, particularly that of Oliver.

Oliver vividly recalls meeting a young man on his first day of recovery—a man damaged by the harsh realities of addiction. Fresh off the street, with abscesses covering his body, devoid of teeth, and struggling with relentless seizures, the situation seemed intense. Oliver, though, questioned whether it might be too late for this individual.

Five years later, an unexpected reunion occurred at a recovery event. Oliver encountered the same young man, now unrecognizable at first glance. This transformed individual shared his remarkable journey—five years clean, employed, and a new homeowner with a baby daughter. The young man approached Oliver, expressing gratitude and saying, “Do you remember me? Five years ago, I was laying on the floor completely broken, and all I can remember is you kneeling next to me, saying it’s going to be alright.”

Oliver emphatically states, “So, yes, NEOVIVA was created with the strong belief that anyone can recover if they get the right kind of help.”

Key Components of NEOVIVA’s Treatment Programs

NEOVIVA employs cutting-edge medical technologies to expertly manage withdrawal symptoms. The cornerstone of NEOVIVA’s therapeutic approach lies in the innovative and holistic group-based model.

In therapy sessions, clients discover a sense of belonging and much-needed identification with fellow participants. The group therapies at NEOVIVA are diverse, including experiential groups, mindfulness sessions, body and mind exercises, and educational groups covering both psychological and physiological aspects of addiction and recovery. This multifaceted approach ensures that clients receive a well-rounded and personalized treatment experience.

Mindful of the beneficial impact of relationships, NEOVIVA places significant value on the therapeutic importance of bonds with cherished pets. Clients are not only encouraged but also warmly welcomed to bring their animal companions along, rather than leaving them behind. Instead, they are invited to derive profound benefits from the unconditional positive regard offered by their pets.

Recognizing the importance of physical health in the recovery journey, NEOVIVA integrates a physical dimension into its therapeutic approach. Qualified trainers conduct training sessions tailored to each client’s abilities and interests, promoting not only mental but also physical well-being.

As previously outlined, NEOVIVA’s approach is comprehensive, addressing cognitive and emotional dimensions while also respecting the diverse cultural backgrounds of its clients. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that the treatment provided is not only effective but also culturally sensitive, catering to the unique needs of every individual.

Together towards Recovery

At NEOVIVA, the commitment to clients extends far beyond the initial stages of treatment. The dedicated team collaborates closely with patients, assisting them in implementing newfound knowledge into their daily lives. This support is reinforced through regular treatment sessions with key therapists and check-in calls conducted by dedicated Recovery Counsellors.

Understanding that addiction affects not only the individual but also their families, NEOVIVA extends its support to clients’ families and close ones. Adopting a holistic approach, NEOVIVA addresses the entire social system, assisting in the adjustment to a client’s new lifestyle and navigating potential stumbling blocks along the way. Oliver emphasizes, “Our NEOVIVA Family Programme understands that, sometimes, it is not the clients themselves who are suffering the most but someone close to them.”

NEOVIVA places significant emphasis on mutual aid, guiding clients to relevant groups in their home communities. This approach fosters international connections with others in recovery, creating a supportive network beyond the confines of the treatment center. Additionally, NEOVIVA offers a continuing care group led by a team member, where former clients can attend free of charge for as long as they desire.

Tailored Care for Lasting Recovery

At NEOVIVA, the journey to recovery is meticulously crafted, taking into account individual factors and cultural backgrounds. The team engages in open dialogues with clients, actively negotiating changes to schedules and addressing reservations about specific sessions.

Oliver emphasizes, “Our objective is not to enforce compliance. We strive to ensure that every element of our treatment program is carefully balanced to support our holistic approach.” These negotiations reflect clients’ understandable desires for control over their lives, prompting gentle encouragement to explore new and different approaches. The NEOVIVA approach is gentle yet firm, leveraging the team’s experience to guide clients toward what works best for their unique circumstances.

While NEOVIVA comprehensively addresses all aspects of mental health, it also recognizes the distinct expertise required for treating substance use disorders. Oliver draws an apt analogy, stating, “When facing a specific health issue, seeking the help of a specialist is automatic. No one would consult a gastroenterologist for a broken leg, wouldn’t you agree?” This perspective underscores NEOVIVA’s belief in the power of specialization, particularly in the field of recovery, where focused expertise ensures mastery in addressing substance use disorders.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The treatment of addiction is a highly complex process, encompassing various dimensions and demanding a long-term perspective. Oliver underscores the complexity, stating, “It’s not just medical, not just mental health, but a combination of various factors.”

At NEOVIVA, a commitment to continuous improvement drives their approach. Oliver notes, “We actively pursue research findings in all areas of treatment, discussing scientific insights and assessing feasibility for both NEOVIVA and our clients.” Avoiding the charm of quick fixes, NEOVIVA critically evaluates the trends, prioritizing safety and long-term implications over temporary solutions.

“Our interest in innovation is not merely for innovation’s sake but stems from a recognition that continuous learning and growth are imperative for effectively and sustainably treating addiction,” shares Oliver.

Despite NEOVIVA’s exceptional success rate, Oliver acknowledges the global challenges in addiction treatment outcomes. He acknowledges, “There is still so much to learn and find out about addiction.” The pursuit of optimal treatment remains an ongoing challenge that demands improvement. Oliver concludes, “Maybe one day we’ll find the answer, but until then, we must keep improving.”

A Team Effort

At NEOVIVA, the spirit of teamwork is at the core of their approach to addiction recovery. With a notably high staff-to-client ratio, the emphasis is on unity, where everyone involved in the process is viewed as part of a collective team with the best interests of the clients at heart. Unlike other clinics, the language used reflects this commitment – it’s not “my client” but always “our client.”

The collaborative spirit is evident in the two daily clinical meetings where extensive discussions take place, valuing each team member’s feedback, ideas, and decisions. This collective exchange of insights enriches the treatment process, ensuring a well-rounded approach to every case where every facet of the client’s journey and challenges are considered.

NEOVIVA goes a step further by incorporating individuals experienced in recovery from addiction as part of the team, serving as Recovery Counsellors. NEOVIVA will only consider people in recovery if they have a proven track record of continuous abstinence for a minimum of 10 years, and many of them are in recovery for more than 20, even 30 years. The well-being of these staff members is a priority, with NEOVIVA providing the necessary resources to support their ongoing recovery journeys.

Oliver, expressing the essence of NEOVIVA’s atmosphere, shares, “I would describe the atmosphere at NEOVIVA as caring, innovative, and with a deep concern for the clients and their families.” The commitment to going the extra mile is evident among the entire team, illustrating a collective willingness to help clients find recovery and embrace a better life free from the constraints of addiction.

Expanding Services and Unwavering Support

NEOVIVA’s dedication to excellence is evident in its continuous commitment to improvement and its recent recognition as a “Swiss Centre for the Education of Medical Professionals.” This accolade reflects the high standards upheld by NEOVIVA in the field of medical education.

The growth of NEOVIVA extends beyond its immediate facility, encompassing a network of clinicians, clinics, and support solutions. This expansion underscores the organization’s ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible services.

Even if a client cannot be treated at their facility due to financial constraints or other reasons, NEOVIVA goes above and beyond to assist these individuals in finding a suitable solution. The commitment doesn’t end with a referral; instead, NEOVIVA diligently follows up, prioritizing the individual’s well-being. Oliver emphasizes, “There is no financial gain in referring or following up, but when someone reaches out for help, we help, and then we ask if they got what they needed. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

Elevating Addiction Recovery to New Heights

The acknowledgment of NEOVIVA as one of the Best Addiction Recovery Centers serves as a confirmation of the relentless dedication and commitment to taking clients’ recovery experiences to the next level.

Oliver, the visionary founder and CEO, personifies this commitment through extensive global engagement. His travels around the world include visits to treatment centers, participation in conferences, and a continuous exchange of ideas with other industry experts. This proactive approach reflects NEOVIVA’s commitment not only to their own continuous improvement but also to contributing to the advancement of addiction treatment on a global scale.

At NEOVIVA, the focus extends beyond individual success to a collective aspiration for excellence within the entire industry. As Oliver notes, “We share what we know,” underlining the commitment to collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing for the betterment of addiction recovery services worldwide.

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