New Methods of Brain Stimulation can Modulate or Balance Thought Processes related to Problem Solving

brain stimulation

Brain Stimulation

New methods are being tested in brain stimulation to see if they can enhance cognitive behavior about the thought process behind problem-solving. In this study, few researchers of Japan have mentioned about this stimulation that on specific frequencies, it can modulate, and control thought processes related to problem-solving.

The researchers from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, have also mentioned that this non-invasive form of brain stimulation known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (RTMS), can modulate brain rhythms to perform and stabilize cognitive behavior related to “giving-up” during tough situations involving problem-solving. The RTMS currently holds the capacity to increase the synchronization of brain rhythms when executing intellectual tasks. As these specific brain rhythms are related to aspects of perception or consciousness, this can develop a great potential and can help people to enhance their mental abilities.



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