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Nidaan Diagnostic Centre: Where Technology Meets Healthcare

Dr. Akshay Shah | Proprietor | Nidaan Diagnostic Center | Insights Care

Nidaan Diagnostic Centre is a state-of-the-art multimodality diagnostic centre, committed to delivering uncompromised patient-care in the medical imaging field. Reputed for its excellent quality of x-rays since its establishment, the centre outlines uniqueness at its best. It was the first modern polyclinic in Pune.

The Success Voyage – A Perfect Example of Leadership

Nidaan Diagnostic Centre, previously known as Nidaan x-ray clinic, was established on 12th May 1985 at Laxmi road in Pune by Dr. Ajit P. Shah. The panoramic dental-ray (OPG) unit was first installed in the year 2000 that struck a chord with dentists due to the superior quality of x-rays and excellent service. Later, the Computed Radiography (CR) system was installed at the clinic in 2006.

Dr. Akshay Shah is the Proprietor of Nidaan Diagnostic Centre. Since graduating with honors in 2007, Dr. Akshay has been the key decision maker at the Centre. He has special interest in the field of Fetal ultrasound and Dental imaging. He successfully established India’s first standalone dental imaging centre in Camp, Pune in 2009 followed by another centre on Karve road, Pune in 2013. He set up the first Cone Beam CT (CBCT) unit in 2016 at their camp branch and then went on to open their 4th Dental x-ray and CBCT centre at Aundh, Pune. The Laxmi road centre has been upgraded with the installation of CBCT in 2018.

Dr. Akshay has been instrumental in steering his centers through the significant changes. For him, the leadership challenge comes down to getting the balance right between short term performance and taking the necessary steps to position his company in coping successfully under multiple possible scenarios in the future.

Breaking the traditional barriers and being on the pathway of transforming the health-care industry is not an easy task. “I think today’s health-care industry presents some particularly unique challenges. At Nidaan, our starting point for considering any strategic change first must pass a fundamental test: how might such a change affect our ability to provide quality care and service? How well a strategy supports this very first standard significantly influences any action we might take” asserts Dr. Akshay.

“The nature of our discipline of medicine is such that we must produce a highly efficient and quality service with predictable clinical outcomes, 12 hours a day, six days per week,” he added further.

Currently, Nidaan has four centers operating in Pune. Approximately 700+ dentists are currently referring their patients to Nidaan for dental imaging. It is amongst the leading diagnostic centres striving to improve diagnostic accuracy and prompt service to both doctors and patients. With a vision of growing and becoming the most complete, reliable and affordable partner to dentists and other doctors, it is converting every challenge into opportunity to expand, not just in the state but also in the country.

Services Quenching Needs at its Best

“At Nidaan, we focus on being at the forefront of incorporating the latest practices and technologies,” says Dr. Akshay.

Nidaan Diagnostic Centre is revolutionizing the healthcare space with prominent services which include Digital x-ray, Sonography, Color Doppler, 2D echocardiography (2D echo), ECG and Pathology services. Over the years, the centre has specialized into Oral and maxillofacial imaging, particularly dental radiography and imaging. Since the year 2000, Nidaan has been involved in dental x-rays and have created a niche in this field. With sheer determination and unified efforts, Nidaan is constantly upgrading its services in dental industry to meet the needs of the doctors and patients.

Nidaan’s Take on 3D Printing

Medical Three-dimensional (3D) printing has a variety of uses and is becoming an integral part of dentistry, oral surgery and dental lab workflows. 3D printing in dentistry is the natural progression from computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology which has been used for years by dental labs to create crowns, veneers, bridges and implants. Now, 3D printing is taking its place with 3D printing solutions for dental, orthodontic, and maxillofacial applications.

Nidaan’s recently started Dental 3D printing for guided dental implant surgery is going to transfigure the way dental surgeries are being performed, not just for placing implants but for routine and specialised dental surgeries. Here, the data collected from a CBCT is used to pre-plan the exact location of future dental implants based on the bone quality and structures within the jaw. Our fabrication unit then 3D prints the guide, which helps the dentist know precisely where to place the dental implant.

Why Choose Nidaan?

Nidaan Diagnostic Centre is a top-notch clinic, with trustworthy medical technology and health professionals whose commitment and expertise are beyond reproach.

Mission –The centre is on a mission to improve the quality and value of healthcare for the people, physicians and communities we serve. It closely follows the medical diagnosis trends and best practices, thereby delivering advanced digital imaging and interpretations that are unmatched. Paying attention to details, it strives for perfection in every feature it delivers.

Nidaan plays a pivotal role in recognizing the clients’ bid to address their health concerns. Capabilities of knowing that excellent performance in its line of service will help the patients in making wise decisions towards their well-being best describes Nidaan.

Quality and Accuracy –Nidaan Diagnostic Centre operates on three (3) pillars namely reliability, cost-efficiency, and rapid turn-around times for appointments and accurate results. The steps that make up the process of obtaining laboratory and imaging results have been made to comply with industry standards to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Infrastructure –Nidaan is a professionally owned and managed diagnostic centre offering comfortable and pleasant waiting area for patients. It uses the best imaging technology to provide high quality diagnostic results. It has 3D and 4D Color Doppler machines with large HD monitors. Apart from this, the staff is dedicated to provide undivided attention, care and service to the patients.

The internal infrastructure widely supports the main goal of providing only the results that can be relied upon by medical professionals to confidently dispense their services and for patients to have peace of mind in having access to accurate findings. Imaging and laboratory results are of no use when presented in poor quality since accuracy of reading will remain an issue. Nidaan Diagnostic Centre save the patient’s time, money, and effort by producing medical test results based on set industry standards.

Futuristic Approach

The future would witness the real strong implications of technology which will help curtail health care costs. Tech advances would streamline health care to the point where the industry would hinge more on value than on profits. However, the healthcare players should be cognizant of forces that are fundamentally changing the healthcare delivery system in India – changes that will transform the healthcare world in the years to come.

Data of millions and billions of people in terms of medical records and imaging files etc. are going to be used with the help of AI, ML and advancing technology broadly in the health care. This would surely make a difference in the predictive values of understanding patients’ sickness and under what circumstances they need a diagnosis. “We are committed to use these upcoming and promising technologies to help our patients and doctors get maximum benefit in terms of efficiency, quality and costing,” states Dr. Akshay.

The five main focus areas — healthcare delivery, pharmaceutical services, consumer-centric benefits, digitizing health information and global access are key drivers in the shift to more efficient health-care services. Nidaan Diagnostic Centre assures to expand and become a one-stop solution provider for dentists across the city, state, and country. Being aware that this is an ambitious plan the centre is exponentially working towards making it possible.

“What works in our favor is the fact that we are very quality and service conscious and we want to use a mix of technology and manpower to help us achieve this,” concludes Dr. Akshay.



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